Act 2 Missable Items Checklist - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

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Here is a Checklist for Act 2 missable or unique items in Baldur's Gate 3. This should help you follow and collect all the most powerful items to make the most out of your playthrough.

This is a work-in-progress and new functionality, leave any feedback in the comments!

How does it work?

  • No need for any registering or logins, with the current functionalities
  • The checklist persists on the same browser and doesn't disappear if you leave the page.
  • Hovering on an item will give additional information (I am still working on including all of it from game files)
  • You can click on the items, and some of them explain how to obtain them in greater detail.
  • Items highlighted with gold color, are important for many builds, and I recommend picking them up even if you are not making a specific build. They can become useful if you will do a respec.

Credits and Thank yous:

  • - an amazing resource that helped to go through all locations in the game
  • Greg758 and Kastorex - from BG3 Discord for sharing recommended item list for various builds

Shadow-Cursed Lands

Ruined Battlefield

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Luminous Gloves icon bg3Luminous Gloves Great gloves that can be used on some builds that concentrate on stacking Radiationg Orbs like clerics.
Family Ring icon bg3Family Ring -
Raven Gloves icon bg3Raven Gloves -
Ironwood Club icon bg3Ironwood Club -
Ring of Self Immolation icon bg3Ring of Self Immolation -
Gloomstrand Shield icon bg3Gloomstrand Shield -
Frost Prince icon bg3Frost Prince -
Shadow-Cloaked Ring icon bg3Shadow-Cloaked Ring Excellent ring for additional damage rider that is very effective in Act 2, due to obscured areas.
Hammergrim Mist Amulet icon bg3Hammergrim Mist Amulet -
Ring of Twilight icon bg3Ring of Twilight -
Thermoarcanic Gloves icon bg3Thermoarcanic Gloves -
Ring of Mental Inhibition icon bg3Ring of Mental Inhibition Excellent ring to stack debuffs for casters.
Ring of Shadows icon bg3Ring of Shadows -

Last Light Inn

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Shield of Scorching Reprisal icon bg3Shield of Scorching Reprisal -
Snowburst Ring icon bg3Snowburst Ring -
Penumbral Armour icon bg3Penumbral Armour -
Potent Robe icon bg3Potent Robe One of the most important pieces of equipment for cantrip-heavy users or casters.
You will not be able to obtain it as Dark Urge
Rippling Force Mail icon bg3Rippling Force Mail -
Moon Devotion Robe icon bg3Moon Devotion Robe -


If you attacked the Druid's Grove all the items below will not be available.
Found Name Assigned Member Information
Charge-Bound Warhammer icon bg3Charge-Bound Warhammer Excellent weapon, that has high damage and works well on Pact of the Blade warlocks.
Darkfire Shortbow icon bg3Darkfire Shortbow Excellent bow if you do not have a source for Haste icon action bg3Haste​ in your group.
Harmonium Halberd icon bg3Harmonium Halberd -
Sword of Clutching Umbra icon bg3Sword of Clutching Umbra -
Sword of Life Stealing icon bg3Sword of Life Stealing -
Swordmaster Gloves icon bg3Swordmaster Gloves -
Thermodynamo Axe icon bg3Thermodynamo Axe -
Thorn Blade icon bg3Thorn Blade -
Flawed Helldusk Gloves icon bg3Flawed Helldusk Gloves One of the best martial gloves in Act 2, with hits damage rider and Bleeding effect.

Quartermaster Talli

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Shield of Devotion icon bg3Shield of Devotion -
Incandescent Staff icon bg3Incandescent Staff -
Barkskin Armour icon bg3Barkskin Armour -
Shadeclinger Armour icon bg3Shadeclinger Armour -
Hat of Uninhibited Kushigo icon bg3Hat of Uninhibited Kushigo -
Obsidian Laced Robe icon bg3Obsidian Laced Robe -
Amulet of the Harpers icon bg3Amulet of the Harpers Excellent defensive amulet for almost any build.
Cindersnap Gloves icon bg3Cindersnap Gloves -
Gloves of the Balanced Hands icon bg3Gloves of the Balanced Hands -
The Mighty Cloth icon bg3The Mighty Cloth -
Yuan-ti Scale Mail icon bg3Yuan-ti Scale Mail The best medium armor in Act 2, if you have 16 or more dexterity.
Defender Greataxe icon bg3Defender Greataxe -
Cloak of Protection icon bg3Cloak of Protection One of the most versatile cloaks in the game, fitting almost any character build.


Found Name Assigned Member Information
Evasive Shoes icon bg3Evasive Shoes -
Cloak of Cunning Brume icon bg3Cloak of Cunning Brume -

Barcus Wroot

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Acrobat Shoes icon bg3Acrobat Shoes -
Gloves of the Automaton icon bg3Gloves of the Automaton Excellent gloves, be sure to activate them before combat for maximum effectiveness.
Ring of Geniality icon bg3Ring of Geniality -


Found Name Assigned Member Information
Coruscation Ring icon bg3Coruscation Ring Great ring for builds that aim at stacking Radiating Orbs to weaken enemies.
Covert Cowl icon bg3Covert Cowl -

Reithwin Town

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Hr'a'cknir Bracers icon bg3Hr'a'cknir Bracers -
Psionic Ward Armour icon bg3Psionic Ward Armour -

Reithwin Graveyard

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Boots of Apparent Death icon bg3Boots of Apparent Death -
Icebite Robe icon bg3Icebite Robe -
True Love's Caress icon bg3True Love's Caress Used together with True Love's Embrace icon bg3True Love's Embrace.

House of Healing

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Assassin's Shortsword icon bg3Assassin's Shortsword -
Watcher's Shield icon bg3Watcher's Shield -
Shar's Temptation icon bg3Shar's Temptation -
True Love's Embrace icon bg3True Love's Embrace Used together with True Love's Caress icon bg3True Love's Caress.
Poisoner's Gloves icon bg3Poisoner's Gloves -
Surgeon's Subjugation Amulet icon bg3Surgeon's Subjugation Amulet Can be used to improve party damage by paralyzing an enemy,

House of Healing Morgue

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Eversight Ring icon bg3Eversight Ring Extremely useful ring if your party uses the Darkness icon action bg3Darkness​ spell extensively.
Strange Tendril Amulet icon bg3Strange Tendril Amulet -
Fleshmelter Cloak icon bg3Fleshmelter Cloak -

Mason's Guild

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Helmet of Arcane Acuity icon bg3Helmet of Arcane Acuity One of the best items in the game for any kind of spell sword/gish build.

Reithwin Tollhouse

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Twist of Fortune icon bg3Twist of Fortune -
Ironvine Shield icon bg3Ironvine Shield -
Gloves of Battlemage's Power icon bg3Gloves of Battlemage's Power -
Fireheart icon bg3Fireheart -

Sharran Sanctuary

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Ritual Dagger of Shar -

The Waning Moon

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Rat Bat icon bg3Rat Bat -
Ichorous Gloves icon bg3Ichorous Gloves -
Punch-Drunk Bastard icon bg3Punch-Drunk Bastard -

Moonrise Towers

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Spineshudder Amulet icon bg3Spineshudder Amulet Great amulet for builds that use multi-hit spells like Eldritch Blast icon action bg3Eldritch Blast​ and Scorching Ray icon action bg3Scorching Ray.
Derivation Cloak icon bg3Derivation Cloak -
Coldbrim Hat icon bg3Coldbrim Hat -
Cloak of Elemental Absorption icon bg3Cloak of Elemental Absorption -
Absolute's Protector icon bg3Absolute's Protector -
Myrkulite Scourge icon bg3Myrkulite Scourge -

Lann Tarv

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Halberd of Vigilance icon bg3Halberd of Vigilance An excellent two-handed weapon with a strong damage rider.
Enraging Heart Garb icon bg3Enraging Heart Garb -
Gloves of The Duellist icon bg3Gloves of The Duellist -
Sentinel Shield icon bg3Sentinel Shield The +3 bonus is significant, ensuring that you will be one of the first to start the turn.
Fistbreaker Helm icon bg3Fistbreaker Helm -
Bigboy's Chew Toy icon bg3Bigboy's Chew Toy -
Slicing Shortsword icon bg3Slicing Shortsword -
Gauntlets of Surging Accuracy icon bg3Gauntlets of Surging Accuracy -
Dwarven Splintmail icon bg3Dwarven Splintmail Best Heavy armor in Act 2.
Render of Mind and Body icon bg3Render of Mind and Body One of the best offhand shortswords thanks to its good damage rider.

Roah Moonglow

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Armour of Devotion icon bg3Armour of Devotion -
Drakethroat Glaive icon bg3Drakethroat Glaive Extremely useful glaive, that you can use its special effects to buff other weapons.
Gloves of Crushing icon bg3Gloves of Crushing -
Sharpened Snare Cuirass icon bg3Sharpened Snare Cuirass -
Ne'er Misser icon bg3Ne'er Misser -
Poisoner's Ring icon bg3Poisoner's Ring -
Ring of Spiteful Thunder icon bg3Ring of Spiteful Thunder -
Marksmanship Hat icon bg3Marksmanship Hat Excellent hat for Ranged martials that use bows. It helps to alleviate the Sharpshooter: All In icon passive feature bg3Sharpshooter: All In​ effect.

Araj Oblodra

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Boots of Arcane Bolstering icon bg3Boots of Arcane Bolstering -
Risky Ring icon bg3Risky Ring This ring is one of the most highly sought items by most of the builds in the game. Gives a permanent Advantage, making your attacks hit with a higher chance.
Circlet of Hunting icon bg3Circlet of Hunting -
Ring of Free Action icon bg3Ring of Free Action Excellent ring for Monk or other melee builds that rely on close-range combat.
Robe of Exquisite Focus icon bg3Robe of Exquisite Focus -
Thunderskin Cloak icon bg3Thunderskin Cloak -
Hat of Storm Scion's Power icon bg3Hat of Storm Scion's Power -


Found Name Assigned Member Information
Spellcrux Amulet icon bg3Spellcrux Amulet This amulet can be worn only when you need its effect, allowing you to restore those expensive spell slots.
Browbeaten Circlet icon bg3Browbeaten Circlet -


Access it after visiting Gauntlet of Shar

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Ring of Exalted Marrow icon bg3Ring of Exalted Marrow -

Grand Mausoleum

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Lightning Jabber icon bg3Lightning Jabber Excellent weapon for Eldritch Knight Throwing Build, as you get a bonus damage rider and can wear a shield.
Vivacious Cloak icon bg3Vivacious Cloak -

Gauntlet of Shar

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Boots of Brilliance icon bg3Boots of Brilliance -
Dark Justiciar Gauntlets icon bg3Dark Justiciar Gauntlets -
Hellfire Hand Crossbow icon bg3Hellfire Hand Crossbow -
Callous Glow Ring icon bg3Callous Glow Ring -
Least Expected icon bg3Least Expected -
Justiciar's Scimitar icon bg3Justiciar's Scimitar -
Justiciar's Greatshield icon bg3Justiciar's Greatshield -
Killer's Sweetheart icon bg3Killer's Sweetheart Excellent ring for Paladin builds where critical damage can result in huge bonus damage.
Circle of Bones icon bg3Circle of Bones -
Spear of Night icon bg3Spear of Night -
Dark Justiciar Helmet icon bg3Dark Justiciar Helmet -
Dark Justiciar Half-Plate icon bg3Dark Justiciar Half-Plate -


Found Name Assigned Member Information
Moonlight Glaive icon bg3Moonlight Glaive -
Shar's Spear of Evening icon bg3Shar's Spear of Evening One of the best two-handed weapons in the game. However, this requires a major evil decision, so be mindful of that.
Selûne's Spear of Night icon bg3Selûne's Spear of Night A good choice alternative to Shar's Spear of Evening icon bg3Shar's Spear of Evening. The weapon is good, but you will be able to get a stronger replacement - Nyrulna icon bg3Nyrulna, early in Act 3.
Dark Justiciar Helm icon bg3Dark Justiciar Helm -
Dark Justiciar Half-Plate icon bg3Dark Justiciar Half-Plate -
Dark Justiciar Boots icon bg3Dark Justiciar Boots -
Dark Justiciar Gauntlets icon bg3Dark Justiciar Gauntlets Excellent gloves with good damage rider and solid bonus spell that costs only bonus action.

Mind Flayer Colony

Found Name Assigned Member Information
Myrkulite Scourge icon bg3Myrkulite Scourge -
Blade of Oppressed Souls icon bg3Blade of Oppressed Souls -
Braindrain Gloves icon bg3Braindrain Gloves -
Circlet of Mental Anguish icon bg3Circlet of Mental Anguish -
Infernal Rapier icon bg3Infernal Rapier -
Ketheric's Shield icon bg3Ketheric's Shield The best shield for casters
Ketheric's Warhammer icon bg3Ketheric's Warhammer -
Reaper's Embrace icon bg3Reaper's Embrace -


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