Best Subclass Tier list

Best Subclass Tier list - Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

By zanuffas
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Here is a Tier List covering how I think Subclasses are ranked. This is subjective and based on my personal criteria:

  • The main idea is what the subclass brings to the table above the class.
  • I have included the subclasses I have tried, some of which are missing.
  • It is hard to rank some of them, as a few first levels may be valuable, while later ones are almost worthless.
S College of Swordscollege of swords bg3Storm Sorcerystorm sorcery bg3 Battle Masterfighter battle master bg3 Way of the Open Handopen hand monk bg3 Draconic Bloodlinedraconic bloodline sorcerer bg3
A Thiefthief bg3 Berserkerberserker bg3 College of Lorelore bard bg3 Divination Schooldivination school wizard bg3 Light Domainlight domain cleric bg3 Tempest Domaintempest domain cleric bg3 The Fiendfiend warlock bg3 Oath of the Ancientsoath of the ancients paladin bg3 Oathbreakeroathbreaker paladin bg3 Way of Shadowway of shadow monk bg3Eldritch Knighteldritch knight bg3Abjuration Wizardabjuration wizard bg3Beast Masterbeast master bg3
B Assassinassassin bg3 College of Valourcollege of valour bg3Evocation Schoolevocation school bg3Gloom Stalkergloom stalker bg3 Life Domainlife domain cleric bg3 Archfeyarchfey bg3 The Great Old Onethe great old one bg3 Oath of Vengeanceoath of vengeance paladin bg3 Oath of Devotionoath of devotion paladin bg3 Way of the Four Elementsway of the four elements monk bg3 Wild Magic (Sorcerer)wild magic sorcerer bg3
C Arcane Tricksterarcane trickster bg3 Championchampion bg3 Trickery Domaintrickery domain bg3 Wild Magic (Barbarian)wild magic barbarian bg3



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These builds that you want to write, have ideas about selune paladin (multiclass cleric of selune and paladin)?

Hey! I am somewhat against multiclass of Cleric and Paladin. These classes both rely on different abilities so you would be spreading thin your points.

Also a question is what you want to reach by multiclassing both of these? Maybe it could be done with a better setup :)

Is more a question of roleplay, but i wonder if it's possible to improved the cleric of selune with divine smite, extra attack, longsword and greatsword

Hmm, you can try to go 5 Cleric/7 Paladin or 7 Cleric/5 Paladin. 7 Paladin depends if you are oathbreaker/oath of the ancients and want the auras.

The 7 Cleric setup will have more spellslots. Overall, you will be split between 3 ability points - str/dex, charisma and wisdom


What do you think about the jack of all trades? Intend to test?

Hey! hard to say to be honest, there are still many builds left to write about, and some of the current ones really need a rewrite, so its low in priority list :/


Wow, you're really into this. I don't blame you, there's a lot of content to explore.


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