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Navia Rerun | Navia Return Analysis - Genshin Impact

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In this post, you can see the best analysis of Navia's banner, and the most possible rerun time of Navia. If you want to save your primogems, and gather more characters, look at this post, you can find the answer.

Navia Rerun Banner Analysis

Time Version Time
Release Date 4.3 Dec. 20th, 2023
1st Rerun 5.x 2024/2025


Navia Rerun in 2024

Normally the rerun banner between each character could be around 8-15 months. However, Navia is a Geo character. Especially the Geo character's rerun is always longer than the other elements. 

So Navia's rerun will be a bit more extended than usual characters.

If we look back at miHoYo's rerun records for Claymore characters, they tend to rerun approximately every 10 months. This means Navia's rerun is highly likely to occur towards the end of 2024. If you like this character, you can save some primogems until the end of the year..


Navia rerun

In short, the 1st time rerun might be: at the end of 2024

Since there are more and more characters in the future banner, if you like Navia, save the primogems for her.

Good luck!


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