Eula Rerun 2024 | When will Eula Banner Release Again?

Eula Rerun 2024 | When will Eula Banner Release Again? - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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Eula, a Cryo main DPS, is useful to attack enemies and explore Teyvat. Lots of travelers also want to get a Eula at the party too. So when will Eula rerun? I analyzed the time, and hope it could be helpful for some travelers to plan the primogems.

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2023 Eula Rerun Time

First, Eula's first release Banner was on 24.Nov.2021, came with Albedo together. Here is the characters' banner time. 

In the past, Eula's banner is like this:

Release Time Version Time
First Release 1.6 Nov. 2021
1st Rerun 3.8 July. 2023
2nd Rerun ? ?. 2024

Since Eula is a top physical DPS and with Cryo Elements, her rerun time wouldn't be so closed. Normally the rerun banner is around 8-12 months. For Eula, this is different.

According to the story and events line in 2024, travelers will meet Eula again in some events. Travelers can have some dancing runs in the battle during the events. 

Therefore, Eula could come to the banner again in July or August 2024, before the country release.

If you are going to pull Eula in 2023, save your primogems before the summer in 2024. 

Wish you luck, travelers.

Of course, not only Eula is the main Cryo DPS, but also Ayaka. Some travelers haven't pulled Ayaka yet.

Here you can know, Eula or Ayaka, who is the Main Cryo DPS? Which one is better?

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Eulas first rerun was at 2.3


Good news


i should star saving even now its 3.5 and nothing usefull happens


mihoyo please give me mika c6 on her long awaited rerun


I wish everyone luck when her rerun finally come out:)


reason why I joined genshin was because of eula and I missed her banner -_-






I need a useful character like Eula.


I've been a Eula main ever since her debut in May 2021. I've only got her at C2 and I'm hoping to finally C6 her with her upcoming rerun. It should come around this winter, so November-January, possibly. Fingers crossed!! I need to perfect her!! WAAH;;;


I need her for my reiden


I need Eula to come home


This is not correct. Eula is a better partner with raiden. Ayaka’s most popular teams all do not use raiden. Eula’s most popular teams include raiden


I think sumeru will be 3.0 and 3.1 then in 3.2 it might will be childe and hu tao bringing new four five stars then probably a zhongli rerun then in 3.3 it might be albedo and eula again


I want eula so bad

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