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Since Genshin 2.5 comes, lots of travelers are looking forward to the new stories and new characters. When will Kamisato Ayato come to the game?

Ayato Release Date

According to the Official news on Feb. 4th, 2022, Ayato is the only new character in 2.6. So Kamisato Ayato's release date will be the first Banner in 2.6, which is on 03/31/2022 - 19/04/2022.

Yae Miko is the only new character in 2.5. After her banner is two old characters, Raiden Shogun and Kokomi. If Ayato is in the 2nd half in ver 2.6, it could make lots of players uncomfortable.

In summary, Ayato will be released at the end of March, if you like this type of male character in the team, you can prepare some swords for him.


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