Ayato Release Date| Kamisato Ayato Banner Countdown

Ayato Release Date| Kamisato Ayato Banner Countdown - Genshin Impact

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Since Genshin 4.0 comes, lots of travelers are looking forward to the new stories and new characters. When will Kamisato Ayato come to the game?

Ayato's Release Banner History Analysis

Release Time Version Time
Release 2.6 April. 2022
1st Rerun 3.3 Jan. 2023
2nd Rerun ? Coming soon

Ayato's Rerun Banner

If we look back at the previous banner, Ayato's reruns are a little bit close. 

Normally the character's rerun banner is between 10-12 months. Ayato's rerun is shorter than the other strong characters. 

Since Ayato is not as popular as her sister, Ayaka, he might come more often than Ayaka. He could rejoin the banner again in the autumn of 2023. Which means around October 2023. 

If Ayato wouldn't be released again in 2023, he might come in December 2023, or January in 2024.

If you really like him, you can save some primos for him. 



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