Venti Rerun | Venti Return Banner Date and Analysis 2024

Venti Rerun | Venti Return Banner Date and Analysis 2024 - Genshin Impact

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Venti is the first Five stars character that travelers meet in the game. He is quite a humorous and funny bard. Many travelers are looking forward to Venti's rerun banner, I analyzed some information. Let's see the details.

Venti Rerun Banner Analysis

Release Time Version Time
Release 1.0 October.2020
1st Rerun 1.4 April.2021
2nd Rerun 2.6 April.2022
3rd Rerun 3.1 October.2022
4th Rerun 4.1 October. 2023
5th Rerun ?? 2024

Venti Banner in 2024

Since Venti's banners have been shown four times, plus there are some characters in Sumeru, Inazuma, and Fontaine, Venti's rerun couldn't be so closed. What's more, he is an old characters, even though he is an archon, many players have already got a Venti in their team.

Mostly, the old characters' rerun time is about 6-12 months. So Venti could rerun in April or in September 2024.

This means Venti could return in September 2024. According to past events, Venti always has some relationships with travelers in the Golden Apple Islands, or the anniversary event. So let's focus on the big events in 2024 and wait for Venti's rerun.

If you like Venti, save some primogems for him. Wish you luck!

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Is it worth pulling Venti in 2023?


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