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Ganyu Rerun | Ganyu Banner 2024 - Genshin Impact

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Ganyu is a character in the popular action role-playing game Genshin Impact. She is a Cryo Element archer and serves as a secretary at the Yuehai Pavilion of Liyue Harbor. Ganyu is a half-human, half-Adepti, which is a type of powerful, god-like being in the world of Teyvat. She is calm, collected, and diligent, but also has a mischievous side to her.

In combat, Ganyu excels at dealing with Cryo damage from the range with her bow, and her Elemental Skill and Burst allow her to deal massive damage to enemies in a wide area. Her abilities also make her a great support character for Cryo-focused teams.

Overall, Ganyu is a versatile and powerful character who is popular among players for both her personality and combat abilities.

Ganyu's Rerun Banner Analysis

Release Time Version Time
Release 1.2 Jan. 2021
First Rerun 2.4 Jan. 2022
Second Rerun 3.0 Sep. 2022
Third Rerun 3.6 May. 2023

When will Ganyu Return and Rerun in 2024 and Why?

In 2023, if we check the storylines and leaks, we can see Baizhu has jumped to the banner. Baizhu as a five-star Dendro character in Liyue, could be combined with another Liyue character. Hutao and Shenhe had just been released, so the one in Liyue could be Ganyu or Zhongli. Ganyu could return in patch 3.6, which is around May 2023. If she could come in Version 3.6, she must return around the Sep of 2023, which is 12 months after the second rerun.

Normally the character could be rerun after 6-12 months. Ganyu's is a strong DPS, her rerun's period couldn't be so closed. 

Two possible opportunities are good for Ganyu's return.

  • First the Lantern Rite Festival, in Feb 2024.
  • Second, the summer before or around Natland rerun. In May or June 2024.

Natlan is a Pyro nation. Since Ganyu is a Cryo element DPS, it makes sense for miHoYo to release a Natlan Pyro character to pair with Ganyu or other Cryo DPS, such as Wirothesley. Ganyu would be a suitable choice for this purpose. This strategy can warm up for the new nation. Furthermore, old players with a new Pyro support character would likely be enthusiastic about investing resources to build and experiment with team compositions that include Ganyu for triggering Melt reactions.

Here you can know more information about Natlan.

If you like Ganyu, save some primos for her, and good luck!


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