Neuvillette Rerun | When will Neuvillette Return Again

Neuvillette Rerun | When will Neuvillette Return Again - Genshin Impact

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The Neuvillette banner in Genshin Impact has come to an end, and many players, for various reasons, have not obtained this character. They are eager to know when Neuvillette will be featured in a banner again. In the following, I will provide an answer to when this character is expected to make a comeback!

Neuvillette's Banner Analysis

Time Version Period
Release 4.1 Sep.2023
1st Rerun 4.5 April
2nd Rerun 5.x 2025

When Will Neuvillette Return in Genshin Impact?

The Neuvillette banner was first introduced in version 4.1, with an opening date of September 27, 2023.

From a marketing perspective, Neuvillette is a powerful character, and to attract more players and more spending, his rerun is likely to be extended. During this time, Genshin Impact will showcase other new characters' abilities, gameplay attributes, and character styles to encourage players to spend their Primogems on other characters beforehand. When Neuvillette finally appears, many players will feel compelled to recharge to obtain him. Therefore, Neuvillette's rerun is unlikely to happen soon.


The earliest expectation for the character to return would be around version 5.5-5.8, which means it could be in the middle of 2025. After Natlan's release, we will have new characters. Neuvillette couldn't gain some attention if the new characters were stronger than him. So Neuvillette could come again after the travler tests some new characters and DPS.

Neuvillette is an exceptionally strong character with a wide range of team compatibility, fitting into various mainstream lineups. Players who wish to pull for him or increase his constellation levels can consider saving primogems in advance for the rerun banner's opening.

The character's rerun is likely to take about half a year or so to be available again. The specific rerun time should be based on official announcements from the game developers.

If you really like Neuvillette, please save some primogems till the summer 2025. Good luck!

The above provides a detailed explanation of when Neuvillette is expected to return in Genshin Impact. Interested players can follow our Discord Channel or keep an eye on updates to get more timely information.



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