Wriothesley Rerun | Release Date & Deep Analysis

Wriothesley Rerun | Release Date & Deep Analysis - Genshin Impact

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Wriothesley is the First Cryo 5-Star Character in Fontaine, and his rerun banner also gets lots of travelers' attention. Many players are asking, when will Wriothesley return in 2024? Let's see some analysis.

Wriothesley Rerun Banner Analysis

Time Version Time
Release Date 4.1 Oct 17, 2023
1st Rerun 4.x 2024

Wriothesley return

Wriothesley Rerun in 2024

Normally the rerun banner between each character could be around 8-15 months. Wriothesly is a powerful cryo damage dealer, plus many travelers have lots of cryo DPS already, such as Ganyu, Ayaka, etc., so Wriothesly's best DPS position is not stable. 

If the director wants to put him in a low-popularity banner, then the miHoYo's incoming wouldn't be pleased. Then Wriothesley must come with a strong character banner, and avoid the most popular character, eg. Neuvillette. So Wriothesley might be combined with a mid-high popular character together. Mostly, he might come with a support 5-star character. If 4.7 Arlecchino is released, then he might come in version 4.6 or 4.8. 

In the story and the trailer, Sigewinne is Wriothesley's best support. He might return with Sigewinne before Natlan.

Wriothesley rerun

If you like Wriothesley, save your primos around March 2024 or June 2024. Good Luck!


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