Shenhe Rerun | When will Shenhe Banner Release Again?

Shenhe Rerun | When will Shenhe Banner Release Again? - Genshin Impact

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"Shenhe" is a character in the popular video game "Genshin Impact" developed by miHoYo. She is a five-star Cryo polearm user who was introduced in the game as part of the version 2.3 update. Shenhe is a member of the Ludi Harpastum, an organization in the game's lore that specializes in the research and development of advanced technology. She is described as being kind, intelligent, and talented, with a passion for music and a desire to create new forms of art. Shenhe's combat style emphasizes quick, precise strikes with her polearm, and she also has abilities that allow her to create shields and freeze enemies. She is known for her unique and visually stunning design, which incorporates elements of traditional Chinese culture and fashion.

Some players call her Cryo-Kazuha. Lots of travelers are asking, when will we get Hutao again? When will Shenhe's banner be rerun? 

Shenhe's Rerun Banner Analysis

Release Time Version Time
Release 2.4 Jan. 2022
1st Rerun 3.5 Mar.2023
2nd Rerun 4.x April or Nov.2024

2024 Shenhe Rerun Time

Shenhe is not a popular character and is hard to build for beginners. So her rerun period is always quite long.

The next rerun could be in the winter 2024.

Normally, there will be a big lantern rite festival in Teyvat. Normally, the Latern Rite Festival always releases some popular and powerful characters.

Shenhe's rerun time could be after the Latern Rite, which means in March or April. Otherwise, she will return in November or December 2024. 

If you are going to pull the Cryo Support in your team, save the primogems before April 2024 or before the December 2024.

If you are interested in building Shenhe, here you can see what kind of Artifacts are the best for Shenhe.



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