Alhaitham Rerun | Alhaitham Banner Countdown 2024

Alhaitham Rerun | Alhaitham Banner Countdown 2024 - Genshin Impact

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Lots of travelers are looking forward to more Dendro Characters in Genshin Impact.

Alhaitham is strong, cool, thoughtful, and loyal in the story. So when will Alhaithan be released? Why there's still no information and news of his release details? I collect some information here, let's check them all.


Alhaitham's Rerun Banner Analysis

Alhaitham's first rerun time is in version 3.4. 

Release Time Version Time
Release 3.4 Jan. 2023
1st Rerun 3.7 Jun. 2023
2nd Rerun soon 2024
3rd Rerun 5.x 2025

Alhaitham's Rerun in 2024

He has some popularity among travelers. Since all characters' reruns are always around 8-13 months. He could come again to Fontaine after 4.0. And there will be more and more new characters released. 

In version 4.7, Sethos will make his debut. He is an Electro character from Sumeru. Additionally, the possible accompanying Sumeru character could be Alhaitham. Currently, Alhaitham does not have a perfect support character. With Sethos's arrival, it will enrich Alhaitham's team composition.

So the most possible time that Alhaitham will come could be version 4.7. Which is around June and July.


Of course, the longest rerun could also last up to 14 months. Therefore, if Alhaitham does not appear in version 4.7, he is likely to debut in August 2024 along with the characters from Natlan.

If you are going to pull Alhaitham, welcome to leave the messages below. Good luck, and see you next time.

What do you think about Alhaitham? Why some players don't like Alhaitham? Here you can find some news.


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