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Wanderer Rerun | Release Date 2025 - Genshin Impact

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Here you can find the Wanderer Rerun and past banners. Scaramouche, also known as Wanderer, was introduced in version 3.3. His next rerun for him will likely take a longer time. 

Wanderer's Rerun Banner Analysis

Release Time Version Time
Release 3.3 Dec. 2022
1st Rerun 3.8 Jul. 2023
2nd Rerun 4.7 May, 2024
3rd Rerun 5.x 2025


Wanderer's release date was on December 7th, 2022. His first rerun was on July 25th,2023. 

When will Wanderer Return and Rerun in 2024 and Why?

Typically, reruns for limited characters occur every six months, although popular characters might see a rerun in as little as four months. The estimated rerun for Scaramouche is likely around June or July, which means players will have to wait for at least four more versions after version 4.1.

Considering that version 4.6 Wanderer has returned for 3 weeks, he may not come again in 2024. There are still many older characters that haven't had a rerun in a long time, so the probability of Scaramouche's rerun in version 5.4 or later.

If there are 7 versions in patch 5.0, the story containing harbingers might be around ver 5.5-5.7. Scaramouche might come again during these stories.


If you are interested in pulling for Scaramouche are advised to save up Primogems, as having two more versions' worth of Primogems can ensure a significant safety net. As more characters are introduced over time, the rotation speed of rerun banners may increase, and there's a possibility of transitioning to three-banner rotations. Since Scaramouche is a relatively new character, his rerun time won't be too soon, some travelers eager to obtain him should be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

If you like Wanderer, save some primogems around the spring 2025. Good luck!



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