Xianyun Rerun | Release Date Analysis

Xianyun Rerun | Release Date Analysis - Genshin Impact

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Xianyun, the cloud retainer, is also the master of Ganyu and Shenhe. She has the strong support of the team. Some travelers are saving the primogems for her. Let's see when will She rerun and come back to the banner again.

Xianyun's Banner Analysis

Time Version Period
Release 4.4 Feb.2024
1st Rerun 5.x 2024

The release date of Xianyun is between 30th Jan, and 20th Feb 2024. Xianyun and Gaming are the new characters and come to the banner together. 


Xianyun Rerun in 2024

Her first rerun could be after 6-12 months. Normally, she might come again in a big event. So mostly, she will return around 5.2, which could be in October or November 2024.

She is a strong support. and Xianyun can also help travelers to explore Teyvat easier. Genshin is going to release Natlan around the summer of 2024, and Xianyun's rerun could come after Natlan's release.


If you are not sure Xianyun is good or not. Welcome to check this article, you can see if she is worth pulling.

Are you going to pull Xianyun? You can tell me how many primogems you want to spend on her. Leave the message below.

Good luck!




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