Is Xianyun Worth Pulling?

Is Xianyun Worth Pulling? - Genshin Impact

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Xianyun is a new five-star character, enhances the support damage effect in the team, and can also increase movement speed. If you find this character useful, go ahead and pull for Xianyun in the game.

However, some travelers are unsure, if it is worth pulling for Xianyun. 

In the guide below, I bring you advice on pulling for Xianyun. If you're not sure whether to pull for Xianyun, continue reading this guide.

Is Xianyun Strong and Good?

We can know Xianyun from her character abilities, comparison, applicability, and future possibilities to see Xianyun.


  1. Character Abilities: Xianyun possesses the ability to enhance support damage and increase movement speed. She has long-lasting control abilities in the game, making her highly effective in battles.

  2. Comparison with Other Characters: Xianyun's abilities are considered to be between Kazuha and Scaramouche, even surpassing them in some aspects. This suggests that she performs well both as a support and in terms of output.

  3. Applicability to Different Players: For players looking to challenge high-difficulty dungeons, Xianyun's high damage output and control effects make her a powerful choice.

  4. Future Possibilities: Since Xianyun might have a rerun in future versions, players may consider waiting for a better opportunity to pull for her to get better value for their wishes.

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Xianyun Pulling Advice

For the new players

If you don't have a strong support, you can try to pull a Xianyun, C0 is enough for trying. What's more, building Sucrose, Sayu or Jean could be easier.

For the F2P players

You can try to pull one. Xianyun has the bugs and her power isn't that strong. You can try, but don't go too deep of pulling. Saving some primogems for the future characters could be better. Xianyun's rerun could be in December 2024, let's check the character's perform and think of pulling.

For the Hard Core Players

If you want to get extremely high damage and one hit to kill, you can try to pull her and her weapon. 

For Xianyun's Lover

She's there. Go~!


The above is the advice guide for pulling Xianyun in Genshin Impact. I hope this guide helps all players.

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