Tartaglia Childe Rerun | Childe Banner Countdown

Tartaglia Childe Rerun | Childe Banner Countdown - Genshin Impact

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Childe, also known as Tartaglia, is a charismatic and enigmatic character in Genshin Impact. He hails from the nation of Snezhnaya and serves as one of the Harbingers, an elite group of warriors. Childe possesses a dual nature, as he can switch between his friendly, carefree persona and his ruthless, formidable combat mode. He wields a Hydro Vision, allowing him to control water and unleash devastating hydro-based attacks. 

Childe Tartaglia's Rerun Banner Analysis

Release Time Version Time
Release 1.1 Nov. 2020
1st Rerun 1.4 Mar. 2021
2nd Rerun 2.2 Oct. 2021
3rd Rerun 3.2 Nov. 2022
4th Rerun 4.0 Sep. 2023
5th Rerun ? 2024

Childe is a formidable opponent in battle, using his unique combat style and versatile elemental abilities to overwhelm his enemies. Despite his complex personality, Childe's loyalty to his nation and his quest for power make him an intriguing and unpredictable character in the world of Genshin Impact.

As an old character in Genshin, Childe must come again at least once a year. But he could come after 8-12 months. So that Tartaglia could rerun around Oct or Nov in 2024. 

According to the story, there will be more and more old characters on the waiting list after Fontaine's release. If you really need a Hydro DPS, try to save some primos before August 2024.


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