Kokomi Rerun | When is Next Kokomi Banner in 2024?

Kokomi Rerun | When is Next Kokomi Banner in 2024? - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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Kokomi is not only a strong healer, but also a very beautiful character in Genshin Impact. Lots of travelers want to pull her. When will Kokomi's banner be rerun again? I analyzed the return date of Kokomi, let's see.

Kokomi Banner Analysis

Release Time Version Time
Release 2.1 Sep. 2021
1st Rerun 2.5 Mar.2022
2nd Rerun 3.0 Sep. 2022
3rd Rerun 3.8 Jul. 2023

Kokomi as a healer and support in C0 is strong enough for most normal players. If you are building for the double Hydro+drouble Dendro team, which can give the enemies "overgrowth" (like frozen and give heavy attack). So pulling Kokomi before Dendro can increase the exploring feeling.

After Dendro element was released, Kokomi is even more popular with the Dendro team. So that her rerun could be more frequent than some other characters, such as Shenhe. 

When Will Kokomi rerun in 2024?

When we check the rule, most characters' rerun time is 6-12 months. Then Kokomi might come again in Version 4.4 or 4.5, which is around the summer of 2024 (May or June in 2024). That is quite long for Kokomi's lovers.

Kokomi's build is different from the other character, here you can see how to build Kokomi, artifacts, and weapon selection. 

Is it worth pulling Kokomi? Is Kokomi Good? Here you can see more details for F2P and new players.

Good luck~

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