Sigewinne Or Kokomi? How Strong is Sigewinne? Is it Worth Pulling?

Sigewinne Or Kokomi? How Strong is Sigewinne? Is it Worth Pulling? - Genshin Impact

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With the introduction of Sigewinne, a new Hydro healer, many players are comparing her to Kokomi, given their similar roles. Here’s a detailed evaluation of Sigewinne’s strengths and a comparison with Kokomi to help you decide which character might be more useful.

Sigewinne Short Analysis and Summary


  • Role: 5-star Hydro bow healer.
  • Primary Function: Healing, with additional life contract and some basic area damage enhancement effects.
  • Mechanics: Compared to Kokomi, who primarily uses healing for damage, Sigewinne’s kit is more varied.
  • Abilities:

Normal Attack: Multi-shot with a bow, with a charged attack creating a bubble effect on enemies.

Elemental Skill: Fires a bubble that bounces between enemies, dealing damage, similar to the Hydro Mage's attack. This bubble can only trap smaller enemies, not large ones.


Elemental Burst: Uses a syringe to spray water, dealing Hydro damage in front and absorbing nearby water droplets.


Analysis: Sigewinne is a unique healer with a focus on damage-oriented mechanics. Her abilities lean towards offensive support with healing capabilities, making her a versatile but somewhat unconventional healer. Her design and animations are cute and endearing, appealing to players who enjoy aesthetically pleasing characters.


Comparison: Sigewinne vs. Kokomi, who is stronger and better?

Healing and Support

    • Kokomi: Known for her strong healing capabilities and ability to synergize with various elemental reactions, making her a versatile support character.
    • Sigewinne: While also a healer, her primary focus is more on control and secondary healing effects, which may not be as robust or versatile as Kokomi’s in multi-elemental team compositions.


Damage and Utility

    • Kokomi: Utilizes healing to deal damage, fitting well in teams that rely on continuous Hydro application and healing.
    • Sigewinne: Offers more control and damage through her bubble mechanics and burst attack, but her overall impact on team synergy and elemental reactions may be less significant compared to Kokomi.


  • Kokomi: Generally more useful due to her ability to fit into a variety of team compositions and provide consistent healing and Hydro application.
  • Sigewinne: Has a unique playstyle with control and damage elements but may not offer the same level of versatility or elemental synergy as Kokomi.

Is Sigewinne worth pulling?

Sigewinne or kokomi

While Sigewinne is a charming and interesting character, her overall strength and utility may not surpass Kokomi, making Kokomi the better choice for most players seeking a reliable Hydro healer.

Since there are lots of new characters that will be released in Natland. I suggest saving some primos for the new characters. 

If you don't have Kokomi, it is still better to save the primos. Babara is still useful for most travelers.

However, for players who enjoy unique mechanics and character designs, Sigewinne might still be a valuable addition to their roster.


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