Lyney Rerun | When Will Lyney Return in 2025?

Lyney Rerun | When Will Lyney Return in 2025? - Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact, Lyney is expected to have a rerun in 2024, providing players with an opportunity to obtain this character. Let's delve into the specifics of when and in which version this rerun is likely to happen. Here are the details to keep you informed.

Lyney Rerun

Lyney's Banner Analysis

Time Version Period
Release 4.0 Aug.2023
1st Rerun 4.6 May.2024
2nd Rerun 5.x 2025

Lyney was initially featured in the upper half of the banner during the 4.0 Fontaine region release. The first banner opening occurred from August 16, 2023, to September 5, 2023.

The anticipated Lyney rerun is expected after version 5.4. 

If we think of the story, Lyney doesn't have too much role in the Fatui. And Lyney has just come to the banner in version 4.6. It couldn't be possible that he rerun so quickly.

If we compare the old versions, we can see the following pattern:

Version 5.1 could be a short introduction of Natlan.

Version 5.2 will show some old characters from Sumeru / Inazuma / Liyue.

Version 5.3 and Version 5.4 will rerun some old characters.

After version 5.4, there might be some old characters from the past country, Fontaine.

That means, if you want to pull him, you can save some primos in the beginning of 2025.

Even Lyney will rerun at the beginning of 2025, travelers still have time and save the primogems for him.

For specific dates and arrangements, it's crucial to rely on official announcements.

Limited characters in the game typically take at least around half a year before reruns occur. 

Have good luck!

Lyney Return

These details about the Lyney rerun timing are provided for your reference. I hope you find this information helpful and stay updated on the latest developments.

Keep an eye out for the official announcements so that you can be ready to pull when the character becomes available!



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