Is it worth to Pulling Venti in 2024?

Is it worth to Pulling Venti in 2024? - Genshin Impact

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We'll take a closer look at Venti's role and evaluate whether it's worth building him in your team, all while considering if he is worth pulling.

Venti, the enigmatic Anemo bard, has made quite the name for himself in the vast world of Teyvat. With his windswept melodies and ethereal powers, he's captured the hearts of many travelers. 


Character Positioning

Venti excels in providing continuous AoE damage and fast energy regeneration for your team. His Elemental Burst unleashes a wide-spread Anemo attack, which can also be infused with other elemental reactions, making him a great addition to teams with diverse elemental abilities. When facing smaller or medium-sized foes, Venti's crowd control is nothing short of devastating. Optimizing his energy recharge to keep his Elemental Burst flowing can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

  1. Frequent Monster Clustering: Venti can slot into nearly any team composition, whether it's focused on Electro, Pyro, Hydro, or even physical damage. However, when using him with teammates who have limited reach, be cautious as monsters clumped together in the air may be out of their attack range.

  2. Clearing Hordes of Mid-sized Monsters: Venti is ideal for tackling small to medium-sized enemy clusters. His ability to consistently control and suppress these foes provides a safe combat environment for your party.


Can we use Vent as a DPS or as a Support?

  1. Secondary Anemo Support DPS: Venti serves as a versatile support character, offering both damage output and energy regeneration. His crowd control capabilities are perfect for handling large groups of enemies.

  2. Enhancing Elemental Teams: If you're running an elemental team, Venti's synergy is remarkable. He can amplify your damage potential through Anemo-infused reactions.

  3. Choosing Venti's Role: The decision between an energy recharge-focused Venti and a more muti-build depends on your playstyle. Whether you aim to build him as a dedicated Anemo sub-DPS or a versatile hybrid character, the choice is yours. Each has its strengths, and there's no need to declare one superior to the other.

Artifact and Weapon Choices

Now, let's address the question – Is it worth building Venti in your Genshin Impact team? The answer depends on your in-game experience and goals.

Here I got some ideas of Venti's best build. You can check this.

Is it Worth Pulling Venti and Building Venti?

  • For New Travelers and Those Without a Strong Anemo Character

If you're just starting your journey in Teyvat or lacking a powerful Anemo character, Venti is a worthy investment. His ability to control enemy crowds and enhance elemental reactions makes him a valuable asset, particularly in the Spiral Abyss and Domains.

  • For Long-time Players with a Defined Team Strategy

If you've been exploring Teyvat for more than six months and have a specific team setup in mind, you might want to consider saving your primogems for characters like Kazuha or upcoming Anemo characters who fit your strategy better.

In conclusion, Venti is an excellent addition to your team, especially for new travelers and those without a strong Anemo character. However, for experienced players with a well-defined team strategy, it's wise to weigh your options and decide if Venti aligns with your future plans. Regardless of your choice, the world of Teyvat is vast, and many adventures await, so make your decision accordingly and enjoy the journey.



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