Eula Team Build | Eula High Damage Guide | How to Play Eula

Eula Team Build | Eula High Damage Guide | How to Play Eula - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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Eula, as the newest 5 stars character in Version 1.5, her attack and damages are very impressive.

How to play Eula and do the best damage in the team? Today I will share my some guides of how to play Eula. Let's see.


The best way to play her

A→E→A→Q→A→E→A * 5 →E→A

*A = Normal Attack

*E = Elemental Skill

*Q = Elemental Burst

  1. Start From Normal Attack, there's no time limit of the normal attack. 
  2. Elemental Skill (Short Press)
  3. Quick Normal Attack (1 hit)
  4. Elemental Burst
  5. Normal Attack (1 hit)
  6. Elemental SKill (Short Press)
  7. Normal Attack (long holding. At least till five times hit. The Elemental Skill's CD is about 4 seconds. It will be ready after five times normal attack hit.)
  8. Elemental Skill
  9. Normal Attack at the end.
  10. Then you can switch on the characters or continue the 2nd steps.

The rotation calculation

1(Cryo normal DMG from Elemental Burst)+ 1(Nomal Attack) + 1(Short E) + 7(Normal Attack*5) + 4(Long E + 2 Cryo Skill + 1 Elemental Burst burst DMG) +1 (normal Attack) = 15 times DMG. 

If your talents are all in level 10. Each layer of energy can increase the damage multiplier of the skill by 150%.

15 times is a 2250% damage increase. Damage is significant.


Eula's combo is interspersed with elemental skills in the middle of normal attacks.

When using Elemental Burst, try to collect15 times of damage, so that the final explosion can have a high Damage.

Eula Best Team Build

  • Eula + Pyro = Melt
  • Eula + Eletro = Electro-Charge
  • Eula + Animo = Swirl
Eula Xiangling Barbara / Xingqiu Fischl


Eula Xiangling / Fischl Barbara / Xingqiu Sucrose / Venti

However, we can also use another Cryo character to give Eula more Elemental Charging.

And Geo Character, Noelle, or Zhongli are also a good choice for Eula if you use her in the High-level dungeon.  

Eula Bannett Barbara / Qiqi Noelle / Zhongli




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