The Best Fully-constellated 4-star Character 2024

The Best Fully-constellated 4-star Character 2024 - Genshin Impact

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When cultivating characters, most players tend to focus the majority of their resources and attention on 5-star characters, which is understandable. However, some 4-star characters have strong advantages in terms of damage and functionality after reaching full constellations. Therefore, here are the best fully constellated 4-star characters in 2024. If you have them, it is worth building.

Genshin Best Four-Stars Characters

Let's take a look at which 4-star characters undergo a significant transformation after reaching full constellations. It's worth noting that some characters transform even before reaching full constellations, such as Xiangling at C4 (extended ultimate duration), Xingqiu at C2 (reduced cooldown), Bennett at C1 (attack bonus), and Kaeya at C2 (extended ultimate duration). These characters' final constellations are generally considered icing on the cake and won't be discussed further below. This time, I will only list the characters that are strong in C6  in 2024.

1. Kujou Sara

C6 Kujou SaraSin of Pride

The Electro DMG of characters who have had their ATK increased by Tengu Juurai has its Crit DMG increased by 60%.

Kujo Sara

Kujou Sara is a dedicated Electro support, and at full constellation, she increases Electro-elemental critical damage by 60% for characters with ATK bonuses, which is a significant boost. 

2. Yunjin

C6 YunjinDecorous Harmony

Characters under the effects of the Flying Cloud Flag Formation have their Normal ATK SPD increased by 12%.


Yunjin is typically used as a support for main DPS characters like Yoimiya and Ayato. A faster attack speed for the main DPS translates to higher damage output. 

3. Xingqiu

C6 XingqiuHence, Call Them My Own Verses

Activating 2 of Guhua Sword: Raincutter's sword rain attacks greatly enhances the third sword rain attack. On hit, the third sword rain attack also regenerates 3 Energy for Xingqiu.


C6 Xingqiu can focus on building double critical stats on artifacts and even equip weapons that enhance critical stats to boost team output. With his already decent Elemental Skill damage multiplier, C6 Xingqiu, with increased energy regeneration for double critical hits, can create a small nuclear explosion with his Elemental Burst.

4. Noelle

C6 NoelleMust Be Spotless

Sweeping Time increases Noelle's ATK by an additional 50% of her DEF.
Additionally, every opponent defeated during the skill's duration adds 1s to the duration, up to 10s.


At C6, Noelle gains an additional 50% attack bonus based on her defense when using her Elemental Burst, allowing the maid to fulfill the role of main DPS. Moreover, with C6 Noelle, every defeated enemy extends the duration of her Elemental Burst by 1 second, up to a maximum of 10 seconds. 

5. Gorou

C6 GorouValiant Hound: Mountainous Fealty

For 12s after using Inuzaka All-Round Defense or Juuga: Forward Unto Victory, increases the CRIT DMG of all nearby party members' Geo DMG based on the buff level of the skill's field. 


Gorou is a dedicated Geo support whose full constellation increases Geo elemental critical damage by up to 40% depending on the number of Geo teammates in the party, significantly boosting the Geo team's damage. 

6. Sucrose

C6Chaotic Entropy

If Forbidden Creation - Isomer 75 / Type II triggers an Elemental Absorption, all party members gain a 20% Elemental DMG Bonus for the corresponding absorbed element during its duration.


With C6, providing a 20% elemental damage bonus to teammates fills in the gap for elemental damage multipliers, making her support capabilities more comprehensive.

7. Faruzan

C6The Wondrous Path of Truth

Characters affected by The Wind's Secret Ways' Prayerful Wind's Benefit have 40% increased CRIT DMG when they deal Anemo DMG. When the active character deals DMG while affected by Prayerful Wind's Benefit, they will apply Pressurized Collapse to the opponent damaged. This effect can be triggered once every 3s. This CD is shared between all party members.


C6 Faruzan is the "7th constellation" for Xiao and Wanderer enthusiasts. For players who enjoy playing with Xiao and Wanderer, C6 Faruzan is highly recommended.

8. Mika

C6Companion's Counsel

The maximum number of Detector stacks that Starfrost Swirl's Soulwind can gain is increased by 1. You need to have unlocked the Passive Talent "Suppressive Barrage" first.
Additionally, active characters affected by Soulwind will deal 60% more Physical CRIT DMG.


Mika's C6 increases physical damage by 60%, making it a significant transformation compared to C0. Unfortunately, physical damage output is not currently mainstream in Genshin, so Mika is not widely used at the moment.

8. Lynette

C6Watchful Eye

When Lynette uses Enigmatic Feint's Enigma Thrust, she will gain an Anemo Infusion and 20% Anemo DMG Bonus for 6s.


Lynette is mainly used as support at lower constellations, starting from C2, with the increase in constellations. At C6, Lynette's normal attacks after using her Elemental Skill can gain a Wind enchantment, allowing her to function as the main DPS by providing crowd control.

9. Gaming

C6To Tame All Beasts

Bestial Ascent's Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider CRIT Rate increased by 20% and CRIT DMG increased by 40%, and its attack radius will be increased.


Many players have high expectations for Gaming's strength since his release and have experimented with him. At C6, his Elemental Skill's critical rate, critical damage, and attack range are increased, making it a significant constellation. Gaming is playable in C0, C6 is the best choice if you want to build him as a top DPS.

These are the characters that undergo significant transformations at full constellation. Which 4-star character do you recommend unlocking C6 for? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below~


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