The Best Top 5 Characters For F2P | Recommended Four Stars

The Best Top 5 Characters For F2P | Recommended Four Stars - Genshin Impact

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If you're playing Genshin Impact without spending any money, you might wonder which characters are worth focusing on. Here are some recommended four stars characters for F2P players.


Xiangling is an excellent choice for F2P players. With her high Pyro damage output, especially when equipped with the Crescent Pike, she can serve as a strong physical DPS character early in the game. Later on, she can transition into an elemental support role, although her potential might taper off in the late game. Whether she is in C0 or C6, she is one of the best recommendations in the list. For more Xiangling build in 2024, you can check here. Xiangling


Lisa is a free character given to players early in the game. While she might not be the strongest character overall, she can still deal respectable damage and easily trigger elemental reactions when paired with other characters. However, her overall strength diminishes in the late game, so it's best to invest in her moderately. Lisa Genshin


Razor is obtainable through the Starglitter Exchange, making him accessible even for non-paying players. He's quite powerful even at C0 and can serve as a strong main DPS character. However, transitioning him into a different role in the late game might be challenging, so consider this before investing heavily in him. Razor


Noelle is another character that F2P players can reliably obtain through beginner banners. She's a Geo Claymore user who can provide both healing and shield support while dealing decent damage. Noelle fits well into Geo team compositions and can be a valuable addition to your roster. Noelle

These characters are readily available to F2P players and can serve you well throughout your Genshin Impact journey. Remember to prioritize your resources wisely based on your team composition and playstyle preferences.


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