How to Obtain XP Books and Level Up Fast | Easy F2P

How to Obtain XP Books and Level Up Fast | Easy F2P - Genshin Impact

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In the game Genshin Impact, experience books are important items for leveling up characters, which can help players quickly enhance their character's strength. To quickly obtain experience books, players can acquire them by completing quests, challenging dungeons, participating in events, and more. Daily tasks and login rewards also provide experience books, allowing for rapid character level increases. 

Type of experience books

There are three types of level-up books.

Name EXP Given
Wanderer's AdviceWanderer's Advice 1,000 EXP
Adventurer's ExperienceAdventurer's Experience 5,000 EXP
Hero's WitHero's Wit 20,000 EXP

Strategy for Fast Experience Book Acquisition in Genshin Impact

There are several ways to obtain experience books in Genshin Impact: Mining Ores, Opening Chests, Completing Main or Side Quests, Purchasing from the Shop, and with the Moonchase Card. The main ways to obtain experience books are through these methods, especially later in the game when experience becomes scarce. Players can spend a day mining ores to level up characters.

Here I summarize some methods for quickly obtaining experience Books for f2p.

Lay Lines Blossom Farming - Free

The simplest and most effective way to obtain experience books. Spend 20 resin to mine once at World Level 5, yielding around 6-7 blue experience books and 3-4 purple experience books.

Genshin Lay Line

Opening Chests - Free

Elegant chests always contain purple experience books. There are a total of 54 elegant chests on the map. Opening all of them can yield over a hundred purple books.


Main/Side Quests - Free

If there are still unfinished main or side quests, including legendary quests, completing them will always reward experience books.


Perform in the Events -  Free

There are several events during each patch. Travelers can obtain not only the level-up books, but also the Primogems and Mora.


Shop Purchase - Free

Stardust can be directly exchanged for blue experience books at a rate of 8 stardust for 3 books.

genshin stardust

Battle Pass - Also Free


Teapot Exchange / House Exchange and Rewards

If you unlock the teapot and arrive at several levels, you can exchange the item with Tubby.


Purchase via the Payment

Upgrading the Starglitter Exchange or purchasing the Moonchase Card can provide a large number of purple experience book rewards.

These are the techniques for obtaining character experience books for F2P in Genshin Impact. Hopefully, they can help alleviate the pressure of acquiring experience books.


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