Pyro Archon Skill, Information and Leaks. Is Pyro Archon Strong?

Pyro Archon Skill, Information and Leaks. Is Pyro Archon Strong? - Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact: Detailed Introduction of the Pyro Archon's Skills

The Pyro Archon is set to officially debut after version 5.0, and as one of the Seven Archons, she has been highly anticipated by many players. Today, we bring you an overview of the Pyro Archon's constellation strengths. Interested players can stay tuned for more details.

Accoring to some official news and the story information from Genshin Impact. We could know Pyro Archon is a female character. Her name is Murata. Till the June in 2024, we couldn't know how's her face look like.

Pyro Archon Constellation Strengths

The skills of the Pyro Archon have already been officially revealed. Let's delve into the details:

Constellation 1: In the "Trial by Fire" state, significantly increases the Pyro Archon's resistance to interruption and grants her a 10% bonus to all elemental and physical damage.

Constellation 2: When in combat with enemies in a burning state, increases the Pyro Archon's attack power by 12% every two seconds for six seconds, stacking up to a maximum of three layers. Each lost layer increases her defense by 6%, up to a maximum of 30% defense bonus. These effects are removed when exiting combat or when the character is swapped out.


Constellation 3: Increases the level of the normal attack talent by 3.

Constellation 4: After being on the field for more than 10 seconds, increases the Pyro Archon's elemental burst damage by 50%.

Constellation 5: Increases the level of the elemental skill talent by 3.

Constellation 6: Each time the elemental skill hits an enemy, grants one stack of "Source of Blazing Fire," up to three stacks. Each stack increases the Pyro Archon's critical damage by 30% and attack speed by 10%. One stack is lost every 12 seconds, and all stacks are removed when the character is swapped out, along with all related effects.

We have outlined the Pyro Archon's constellation strengths, and overall, her skills and mechanics are excellent.

Currently, this information is based on leaks, and should there be any official updates or new skill showcases, we will promptly update players with the latest exclusive news. We hope this information will help you better understand and utilize the Pyro Archon in your adventures.


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