How Many Wishes for Constellation 2 | Best Characters in C2 2025

How Many Wishes for Constellation 2 | Best Characters in C2 2025 - Genshin Impact

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 This guide outlines how many wishes are generally needed to reach C2 and which characters' C2 are worth aiming for. In Genshin Impact, some of the most powerful constellations are often placed at C2 (Constellation 2). Achieving C2 can significantly enhance a character's abilities, making them far more effective in combat. However, obtaining C2 typically requires a substantial investment of Primogems, leading many players to consider spending money.

How Many Wishes for C2?

On average, it takes about 166 wishes to reach C2 for a character.

Due to Genshin Impact's pity system, the second 5-star character pull is guaranteed to be the featured character if the first was not. This means you might need up to 200 wishes, especially if you're unlucky. Some players might get lucky and obtain the character earlier, but planning for around 200 wishes is a safer bet.

Genshi Pulling

Which Characters' C2 Are Worth Pulling For?

Kaedehara Kazuha (C2)

    • Effect: Increases Kazuha's Elemental Mastery by 200, and boosts the Elemental Mastery of characters in the field by 200 during his skill duration.
    • Why It's Worth It: Enhances team damage significantly, making him an invaluable support character in many compositions.


Raiden Shogun (C2)

    • Effect: Attacks in her Elemental Burst mode ignore 60% of opponents' defense.
    • Why It's Worth It: Dramatically increases her damage output, making her one of the most powerful burst damage dealers.

Raiden Shogun

Yae Miko (C2)

    • Effect: Initial rank of her Sesshou Sakura is increased to level 2, max level increased to 4, and its attack range is increased by 60%.
    • Why It's Worth It: Significantly boosts her damage potential and versatility in placing totems.

Yae Miko

Nilou (C2)

    • Effect: Reduces Hydro resistance of enemies by 35% after they are hit with Hydro damage and reduces Dendro resistance after Bloom reactions.
    • Why It's Worth It: Enhances both her personal damage and the team's Dendro-related reactions, making her a key character in Hydro and Dendro compositions.


Nahida (C2)

    • Effect: Enemies marked by her Seed of Skandha take crit damage from various Dendro reactions and have reduced defense after Aggravate and Spread reactions.
    • Why It's Worth It: Greatly boosts her team's reaction damage, making her indispensable in Dendro teams.


Furina (C2)

    • Effect: Increases Furina's max HP based on her "Atmosphere" value, providing substantial HP boosts.
    • Why It's Worth It: Enhances her survivability and overall effectiveness in battle, making her a durable and powerful support.


Arlecchino (C2)

    • Effect: Upon using her skill, summons a fire element dealing massive damage and increases her resistances for a duration.
    • Why It's Worth It: Provides significant burst damage and increases her survivability, making her a formidable combatant.


Investing in these characters at C2 can significantly improve your team’s performance and offer long-term benefits. If future characters with valuable C2 constellations are released, it's always good to stay informed and plan your Primogem savings accordingly.


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