Version 4.8 Island Event Time for 2024 and Previous Event Dates

Version 4.8 Island Event Time for 2024 and Previous Event Dates - Genshin Impact

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Here's an overview of the upcoming 2024 event, reflections on past events, and thoughts on the current state of the game. The island events in Genshin Impact are a major highlight for players, offering unique experiences and memorable adventures.

Genshin Impact Island Event Time for 2024

2024 Island Event

The new island event will be part of version 4.8, starting around July 17, 2024. This aligns with the summer holidays, providing ample time for players to enjoy the extensive event.

Reflections on Past Island Events

  • Version 1.6 (Midsummer Island Adventure):

    • Date: June 9, 2021
    • Highlights: This event was highly praised for its fun and engaging content. Players fondly remember spending time with Klee, and the event has become a cherished memory for many.

Midsummer island event

  • Version 2.8 (Summertime Odyssey):

    • Date: July 13, 2022
    • Highlights: Known for its dreamy and beautiful scenes, this event was also well-received and considered one of the better updates by the community.

Summertime Odyssey

  • Version 3.8 (Secret Summer Paradise):

    • Date: July 5, 2023
    • Highlights: This version marked a significant period of discontent among players, leading to many quitting the game. Despite the content being well-designed, the overall game environment and the anticipation for Sumeru led to a decline in player engagement.

Summertime Paradise

Current State and Challenges of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact continues to introduce new content and events. However, despite the effort put into making these events engaging and enjoyable, retaining players has become increasingly challenging. Several factors contribute to this:

  • Repetitive Gameplay: Many players feel that the core gameplay has become repetitive, leading to fatigue and a desire to explore other games.
  • High Expectations: Each new update and event raises player expectations, making it harder for the developers to consistently deliver content that meets or exceeds these expectations.

Despite these challenges, Genshin Impact remains a game with rich content and a dedicated community. The upcoming island event in 2024 is expected to provide another exciting experience for players, continuing the tradition of memorable summer events.


The scheduled island event for 2024 is set for July 17, continuing Genshin Impact's tradition of delivering engaging summer content. While the game faces challenges in retaining players due to repetitive gameplay and high expectations, the efforts to introduce new and exciting content make it a game worth experiencing. The island events, in particular, have left a lasting impression on players and continue to be a highlight in the game's yearly update cycle.


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