Alice Release & Rerun Date | Will Alice Be Added to the Banner Pool?

Alice Release & Rerun Date | Will Alice Be Added to the Banner Pool? - Genshin Impact

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Alice, a highly anticipated Pyro character and the mother of the 5-star character Klee, has sparked curiosity among players about her potential addition to the banner pool. Here’s a detailed overview of what we know about Alice's possible release and when she might be available.

Will Alice Be Added to the Banner Pool? Is Alice a Playable Character?

Likelihood of Addition: Yes, Alice is expected to join the banner pool. Based on various hints and in-game lore, it’s highly probable that she will be introduced to the game, especially given her significance in the storyline and her relationship with Klee.


Alice Possible Release Timeline

Version 5.3 and Beyond: Alice is speculated to be introduced after the launch of version 5.0. While the exact sub-version (e.g., 5.1, 5.2, etc.) is not confirmed, players should watch for updates between versions 5.3 and 5.7.

Timing Strategy for Players - How to get Alice

  • Monitor Banner Announcements: Keep an eye on official announcements and banner previews once version 5.0 launches. This will provide the most accurate timeline for Alice's introduction.
  • Save Resources: Begin saving Primogems and Intertwined Fates now to ensure you have enough resources to pull for Alice when she becomes available.

Key Considerations

  • Post-Natlan Update: Given the game's update pattern, Alice's introduction will likely coincide with significant storyline developments and the unveiling of the Natlan region.
  • Major Events and Characters: Similar to other high-profile characters, Alice might be released alongside major in-game events or festivals, ensuring a strong narrative and marketing impact.



Alice’s addition to the Genshin Impact roster seems highly likely, especially following the release of version 5.0. Players should anticipate her banner between versions 5.0 and 5.5 and start preparing their resources accordingly. As always, stay updated with official announcements for the most accurate information on her release date.


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