4.8 Rerun Characters and 5-Star Characters Prodiction

4.8 Rerun Characters and 5-Star Characters Prodiction - Genshin Impact

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Rerun Characters in Version 4.8

Genshin Impact's 4.8 version is expected to include reruns of some popular 5-star characters. As the game continues to expand its character roster, older characters find it increasingly difficult to get rerun banners. Here’s a look at the 5-star characters in version 4.8.

Possible Rerun Characters (There must be 3 from below)

New Character:

  • Emilie

Details and Recommendations

  • Cryo Characters: The 4.8 version is confirmed to rerun Cryo characters. Shenhe, who is often rerun alongside Ayaka, and Wriothesley, who currently struggles in the meta, are the main Cryo candidates. The choice often leans towards female characters for reruns, making these characters likely options.
  • Emilie: A 5-star Dendro character, Emilie is a perfumer. Despite her intended elegance, her design has been poorly received, making her one of the least popular new characters. The disconnect between her character concept and player expectations contributes to this reception.

Pulling Advice

  • Personal Preference: It's advised to pull characters you personally enjoy. Genshin Impact has reached a point where power creep means new characters are typically stronger than older ones, reducing the importance of "must-have" characters from previous versions.
  • Upcoming Content: With the imminent release of the Pyro nation - Natlan, many players might prefer to save their Primogems for the new characters, as 4.8 might be overshadowed by the new region's content.


Despite any fluctuations in popularity, Genshin Impact remains a robust game with significant player engagement. It's worthwhile to continue playing and wait for the exciting new regions and characters on the horizon.


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