How Many Constellations to Pull for Emilie? F2P Best Choice

How Many Constellations to Pull for Emilie? F2P Best Choice - Genshin Impact

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As Emilie, a new 5-star character, is set to debut in version 4.8, many players are curious about her constellations and their impact. Here is an analysis of Emilie's constellation strengths and recommendations on how many constellations to pull for:

Emilie Constellation Strength Analysis

Many players are eager to pull for Emilie once version 4.8 launches. Here is a detailed analysis of her constellations and recommendations.

Genshin Emilie

  1. 0+1 Constellation (C0+W1)

    • No Constellations: It's common for free-to-play players to pull only the character without constellations. However, obtaining her signature weapon is recommended to maximize her Dendro element reaction potential. If obtaining the signature weapon is not feasible, alternative weapons like Primordial Jade Winged-Spear or Staff of Homa can be used, as other polearms are less suitable for Emilie. 

Here, you can see all the possible weapons for building Emilie. 

  1. 1+1 Constellation (C1+W1)

    • First Constellation: This reduces the cooldown of her Elemental Skill by 1 second, significantly improving her elemental damage combo and transition efficiency. For those looking to enhance Emilie, pulling for C1+1 or C2+1 is a good option.
  2. 2+1 Constellation (C2+1)

    • Second Constellation: Highly recommended as it boosts healing by 30% after triggering Burning reactions and reduces enemy Pyro and Dendro resistance by 30%. This improves team sustain and significantly debuffs enemy resistances, enhancing Emilie's overall burst potential.
  3. 6+1 Constellation (C6+W1)

    • Sixth Constellation: While beneficial for whales, its overall strength might not surpass that of the Archons or limited characters. It increases her crit rate by 40% and crit damage by 80%, along with unlocking new skill effects.


General Recommendations

Based on the analysis, here are the suggested constellations to aim for:

  • C0+1: Ideal for F2P players focusing on getting Emilie and her signature weapon.
  • C1+1: Provides significant elemental damage benefits and is a good starting point for enhancing her capabilities.
  • C2+1: Offers the best balance between cost and benefit, with substantial improvements to healing and enemy debuffs.
  • C6+1: Best for players who can afford to invest heavily, providing maximum stat boosts and new skill effects.


Maximizing Emilie’s potential depends on how many Primogems and resources you can allocate. Aim for C2+1 for the best balance of performance and cost. Ensure to pair her with the new Burning set to leverage her Dendro reaction capabilities.

Welcome to check how to build Emilie best: Weapons, Artifacts and Teams.

These insights should help players make informed decisions on how many constellations to pull for Emilie and maximize her effectiveness in their teams.


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