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The latest update introduces a new Spiral Abyss mode. Given its high difficulty, players need to strategize their team compositions effectively, as raw character power alone won’t suffice. Here’s a detailed guide on the new Abyss and some recommended team setups to help you succeed.

New Abyss Overview

  • Name: New Abyss - Rogue Mode
  • Location: Lisa’s Library
  • Features: The new Abyss adopts a rogue-like mode. Each challenge period provides six initial characters. Players can also choose a friend’s support character for the challenge. Additionally, six characters that meet the elemental requirements for the period will receive a buff that can be used both in the event and in the open world.

Participation Requirements

  • Adventure Rank: Players must be at least Adventure Rank 35.
  • Rotation: The new Abyss alternates with the original Abyss each month.
  • Rewards: Star rewards include 800 Primogems, with 100 Primogems awarded for every third full-star chamber from Floors 9 to 12. To maximize rewards, players must aim to clear all chambers with full stars.

Abyssal Blessing: Thrilling Moon

  • Effect: For 10 seconds after the current character uses an Elemental Skill, Normal Attack damage is increased by 20%. Hitting an enemy with a Normal Attack will count, and every 0.1 seconds a count is added. After reaching 3 counts, a shockwave is released, dealing true damage to nearby enemies. This can occur once every 1.5 seconds. The effect is removed and the count reset when the character leaves the field.

Team Recommendations

Floor 11 Team Recommendations

  • First Half:

    • Wind Gather Team: Recommended to bring a character with crowd control abilities. Anemo characters like Venti or Kazuha are ideal. Here are some Anemo characters you can use, if you have one: 
Genshin Venti Sucrose Heizou
Venti Kazuha Sucrose Heizou
  • Second Half:

    • Shield Breaking Team: Bring strong Pyro characters for breaking shields. Characters like Xiangling, Bennett, Lynette, or the Traveler (Anemo) with taunt skills are recommended.
Xiangling Bennett Lynette Zhongli

Floor 12 Team Recommendations

  • First Half:

    • Electro-Focused Team: Use teams that utilize Electro reactions effectively.
      • Examples:
        • Hyperbloom Tighnari
        • Quickbloom Tighnari
        • Raiden National
        • Electro-Charged teams
    • Power Teams: Teams with strong, straightforward DPS, such as Xiao + Zhongli + Bennett, are effective.
  • Second Half:

    • Shield Breaking Team: At least two Hydro characters or other high-frequency elemental applicators are recommended for 12-1’s shield-breaking needs.
      • Examples:
        • Nilou Bloom Team
        • Pure Hydro teams (e.g., Ayato, Kokomi, Xingqiu, and Yelan)

Specific Challenges

  • Floor 12-1: Requires significant shield-breaking capacity. Focus on high-frequency elemental reactions.
  • Floor 11-1: Difficult without a proper Anemo or Pyro shield breaker. Teams should have a mix of crowd control and shield-breaking abilities.


Overall, the difficulty of this Abyss cycle isn’t extremely high, provided you select the right characters. The key is to tailor your team compositions to meet specific challenges on each floor, particularly focusing on shield-breaking and reaction-based damage. With the right setup, achieving full stars is entirely feasible.

Feel free to adjust your teams based on your character pool and preferred playstyle. Good luck in your Abyss endeavors!


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