5 Tips to Prepare for Patch 1.1

5 Tips to Prepare for Patch 1.1 - Genshin Impact

By Braxophone
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Patch 1.1 is officially set to release in China on November 11th, 2020, which means the western audience will be receiving the update on that date as well, or shortly after. This patch will be bringing a ton of new content such as story extensions, weekly bosses, a reputation system, and resin changes. Knowing this, many players are beginning to prepare for the coming content grind, and that means a lot of daily optimization. If you're looking to stay ahead of the game and be ready for new content, try some of these five tips!

The first thing you'll want to make sure you do when prepping for 1.1 is to go around the map and collect all of the anemoculus and geoculus until your statues of the seven are maxed out. There are 65 anemoculus and 131 geoculus, but there's one extra of each, so you only need to collect 64 and 130 respectively. When your statues are fully upgraded, you'll have received a giant Adventurer's EXP sum and a giant tank of stamina. Collecting all of these can be done easily with the help of this interactive world map:


Next, consider this: Do I want the new 5-star characters being released, Zhongli and Childe? If that is something you want, you'll want to save up your event fates, because it has been confirmed by a Mihoyo representative that the pity-timer does carry over to new banners, so when the Venti banner is replaced, you will still only need a total of 90 rolls on that banner counting the previous rolls you had done. Additionally, if you have Diluc and Jean, you can save your rolls for them to be rotated out to avoid duplicates if you're hoping to snag Keqing and Mona (like the rest of us).

Another thing you should begin doing is leveling your alternate characters. You've got some time before the new patch, and if you're playing regularly, you won't have any trouble getting your main party maxed, and some alternate characters leveled. Try to level different elements and weapons up so that way you're prepared for new boss fights and instances (and it's fun to flex in co-op).

The next big thing you'll want to make sure you're using ALL of your resin, ALL of the time. Once your weekly resets are out of the way, go grind out ascension materials for weapons and characters. You'll be able to get some of each daily item before the patch releases, so that when you get new characters, you can get them up to speed immediately. Waste no resin, for it is precious.

The final tip I have for you is to make sure that you finish all of the quests you can to ensure you're not locked out of any content when it drops. Most of the new content will be an extension of the previous archon story, and that means the new weekly bosses and likely some of the reputation system will require you to have all of those done. Additionally, new characters will likely have their own stories, and if you're eager to know more about them, you'll want to be caught up with all of the other lore!

As long as you follow these five tips, you should be ready for the new patch when it comes!