Reaching Nameless Island at the side of the map - Genshin Impact

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Probably you have seen at the horizon an island at the starting area. Unfortunately at start it is unreachable, however, after obtaining some characters this is doable. However, warning: you should go to the island at about level 40.

Genshin Impact Nameless Island

There are two obvious ways to do it:

Kaeya - ice way

You can use Kaeya, to freeze water. Unfortunately this is a bit time consuming, but it does the trick:

Kaeya Nameless Island

be careful not to fall of the ice and don't waste time after the skill recharges, because you will fall into water and then you cannot use your skills

Venti - swirl way

Unfortunately, I do not have this character unlocked, but you can use increased stamina from Amenoculus, and Vent's passive skill to glide to it from the nearest highest vantage point.

In the island

You can explore the island for some loot, look for some chests and pick the Anemoculus. After you pick it turn around and you will see a hidden chest for some sweet loot:

Nameless Island hidden chest

Another important thing is pile of rocks which you can use to start a quest for which you should be level 40:

Nameless Island quest start

If I have missed anything, please tell me! Happy exploring.


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