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Mondstadt will be your first big city which you visit in Genshin Impact. Once you get to it you will probably be up to level 6. As you already understand the game is about exploring - opening chests, solving puzzles and finding secrets. Mondstadt also offers you some sweet loot which you can easily grab and obtain valuable upgrade materials and equipment

First get on the city walls

The city walls is an easy way to find some chests. Just go to the start of the wall in one side of the city and run through it and the towers

Mondstadt City walls chest

Mondstadt City tower

Knights of Favonius headquarters

This is the big building in the city:

Knights of Favonius Headquarters

Try to reach the top where you will find teleport waypoint but also a chest at the roof and another chest in one of its towers:

Knights of Favonius Headquarters roof

Some easy loot for you.

The Mondstadt Church

You can see the main church of the city on the hill and of course it holds some loot which you can take and gives some 3 star items:

Mondstadt Church

Try to get on the top of the church. Do this through the side wall as they have some places to rest for stamina.

Once you are on top go to the furthest tower which has a bell. There you will find a Luxurious chest:

Mondstadt church bell tower

Racing challenge

This is I think the most interesting part. There is a hidden race which you can take and also win Luxurious chest. Get down from the church and there will be a huge square (which you probably already visited), go to this point:

Mondstadt Square race challenge

Once you are there you will find a sparkling wisp, touch it and event will start.

Mondstadt square race start

You need to go through the ledge of the square all around and don't fall off. After you will be successful a chest will be waiting for you at the end.

I missed all of these points and got to them at Adventure Rank 18, but if you get them at the start your journey will be much easier


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