[Spoilers] 1.5 Preview Eula Feiyan New Boss BGM with Translations| Primogems Management

[Spoilers] 1.5 Preview Eula Feiyan New Boss BGM with Translations| Primogems Management - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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  • Version 1.4 has not come yet. We have some news for 1.5 in Genshin.

Chinese server always brings us something new these days, such as the collab of KFC, and the new 1.5 previews. 

However, I collected their news and spoilers and translated them into English.

So that we can know what we will get in the future content and plan our primogems. 
If you don't have interested in the 1.4 banner characters, try to save some for the other characters.

In Patch 1.5: 

  1. Main Story quests.
  2. New 5 stars character, Eula.
  3. New 4 stars character, Feiyan.
  4. New boss, Dragon boss. Weekly. Related to the Ganyu's weapon.
  5. New BGM.
  • Video Preview (Downloadable)


I translated them myself if you want to see them myself.

  • Cryo Claymore Character: Eula (5 Stars, Mondstadt) Translations

1. 罪人的,结局吗。。。
The end... for the sinner?

2. 游击骑士,率先行动!
Guerrilla Knight, take the lead!

3. 西风剑术?想和我学两手吗?
West Wind Swords? Do you want to learn that from me?
It will be a lot of fun to revenge after you learn it.

4. 空中行动,视野更棒。
Gliding mission, better vision.

5. 冰浪怒涛。
Ice waves, angry waves.

The old rules of the nobles? Just listen.
Even like me, was forced to recite hundreds of them, 
I don’t take them seriously.

7. 骑士和贵族的利益一脉相承。
The benefits of knights and nobles are the same.
Just the former seriously 
simplifies the old complicated rules.

8. 坚冰,断绝深仇!
Hard ice, cut off the deep hatreds!

  • Pyro Magic Character: Feiyan(4 Stars, Liyue) Translations

  • feiyan

1. 律法还有漏洞...
There are still some loopholes in the law...

2. 律法既是约束,也是工具,请你千万记住哦!
The law is both a restriction and a tool. Please remember it!
If you can’t remember, I’ll repeat it again for you~

Emm... Such a case...

4. 天下之大,无奇不有啊。
 In the great world, there are various kinds of strange things.

5. 出外勤要另外收费。
Extra attendance will be charged separately.

6. Bomb Bomb!
Bomb Bomb!

It is only the preview, the sentences could be changed in the future. My translations are not pro. If you have any ideas and suggestions, please leave me the comments below.

Let's wait for the new storylines and see.


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