Sucrose Build: Skills, Weapon, Artifacts Team Build

Sucrose Build: Skills, Weapon, Artifacts Team Build - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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[Team Build]


Sucrose, an assistant to the genius Albedo, the head alchemist of the Knights of Favonius.

Sucrose uses the Catalyst as her weapon and tests different the Anemo experiments in her skills.

Compared to exploring the nature of alchemy and creating new life, she is more interested in how to use alchemy to transform existing lives and make the world more colorful.



Skill Talent


Normal Attack - Wind Spirit Creation



Normal Attack

Maximum 4 attacks by and dealing Anemo DMG.

Charged Attack

Consumes stamina and causes elemental AoE DMG after casting.

Plunging attack

Attacking in the path of falling, and causing Anemo damage when landing.

Elemental SkillAstable Anemohypostasis Creation - 6308


Summon a small Wind Sprit, causing elemental damage to enemies in the range, and pulling them to the Wind Spirit.


Elemental Burst - Forbidden Creation - Isomer 75 / Type II

Throw out of the unstable flask, creating a large wind spirit, which will continue to pull and knock away nearby enemies, causing Anemo DMG and can be affected by other elemental reactions (besides Geo).


She is an easy-to-build Support for the F2P and P2P players.

Weapon choice should be to focus on elemental skill and energy recharge.

Currently, the 4 stars’ and 3 stars’ weapon is better than 5 stars’ weapon on her.




Sacrificial Fragments ( 1.4 Wish)

40% chance to reset the Elemental Skill’s CD once in every 30s.


Mappa Mare (Craft)

Triggering an elemental reaction grants an 8% Elemental DMG bonus for 10s. Max 2 stacks.

Favonius Codex (Wish)

CRIT Hits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Prticles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12s.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (Wish)

After switching characters, the new character taking the field has their ATK increased by 24% for 10s.

This effect only occurs every 20 s.


Using Sucrose as a support in the team. To increase the Swirl DMG, artifacts are mostly using:

  1. Elemental Mastery
  2. Energy Recharge

So I suggest to use:

Basic (Obtaining difficulty is low, only for transition):

  2 The Exile Set + 2 Instructor Set+ 1 Free (Better with Elemental Mastery)

  • The Exile Set
  • Instructor Set


2 Virdescent Set + 2 Noblesse Set + 1 Elemental Mastery

  • Viridescent Venerer
  • Noblesse Oblige


4 Viridescent Set (5 stars) + 1 Elemental Mastery 

  • Viridescent Venerer Set




Viridescent Venerer


2-Piece: Anemo DMG +15%.

4-Piece Set: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.

Farm LocationDomain: Valley of Remembrance, Mondstadt.

Noblesse Oblige

2-Piece: Elemental Burst DMG +20%.

4-Piece: After using an Elemental Burst, all teammates get +20% ATK. It Lasts 12s, does not stack.

Farm LocationClear Pool & Mountain Cavern, Liyue.

Instructor (Max 4 Stars)

2-Piece: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.

4-Piece: Upon triggering an Elemental Reaction, increases all party members' Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8s

Farm LocationAll bosses. Such as Fatui, Mages, Ruin Hunters, and Mitachurls.

The Exile (Max 4 Stars)

2-Piece: Energy Recharge +20%.

Farm LocationAll bosses. Such as Fatui, Mages, Ruin Hunters, and Mitachurls.

[Team Build]

If you don’t have Venti, Sucrose is a better choice to gather the enemies (compare with the Anemo Traveler).

Sucrose can:

  • gathering the monsters.
  • provide swirl DMG.
  • Increase the Elemental Burst and reaction

Basic: *(If you are totally f2p, and no extra good characters for Sucrose at the moment)






This party can Swirl, Eletro-Charge, Vaporize, and Overload.

 Better Choice: *(if you play for a long time and get more characters)


Razor/ Beidou/ Chongyun

Bennett/ Xingqiu

Xinyan/ Diona

Bennet and Xingqiu can not only healing but also increase the DMG and provide elemental reaction.

Diona and Xinyan’s shield can give elemental reactions.

Best Choice: (combine with the more 5 stars’ characters)



Main DPS






Jean/ Qiqi

Diluc/ Ganyu/ Klee

Bennet / Zhongli/ Albedo

Zhongli's shield can protect the DPS. 

Albedo can release DMG AoEs while attacking.

*Tips: Two Anemo characters are enough for energy recharging in the party. Leave the spot for the other elemental reactions.

However, there are more options for buildings.

Please leave the comments below. I am looking forwards answer them.




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