[News Analysis, Leaks] New weapons, Childe Weapon Plan, Changed Icons, Date Version 1.5

[News Analysis, Leaks] New weapons, Childe Weapon Plan, Changed Icons, Date Version 1.5 - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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After the News of Eula and YanFei, we now have some news about the test sever weapons.

Here I collect some news. Hope it could be helpful for the afking players and the curious players.

However, the news is only from the test and the other media, not the final version. Please follow the official news at the end.

Hope it could help plan the primogems in the bag.

  1. The official has changed the names and the introductions of the unreleased weapons.

The DMG and the Elemental Effect of the weapons haven’t been changed yet.

(Details in the https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L2w-MtxW2KfqtWP6Ypq32YyOVH8K5SJYL9_xndEy0GI/edit#gid=402481538)

  1. Some new stories and descriptions have been added to the new weapons (Release date unconfirmed yet).

(Details in the pictures)

(Source: @projectcelestia)

Tips: in the 2nd half of Version 1.4 (Childe and Rosaria’s Weapon Banner), we have the weapon event wish. Many players might pull the weapon Skyward Harp for Tartaglia, but hold your primogems, wait for the new banner. Since they added the new stories of the weapon, it will be released soon after 1.5. And the Primordial Jade Vista has 66.2% Crit DMG in level 90. It will be much more perfect on Tartaglia.

If you don’t have too many primogems, please wait a little bit and pull the weapon in after Version 1.5 Official Special Program. Let’s see if the Primordial Jade Weapons will be released soon or not. Don’t worry about if you lose it or not.

  1. Some weapons’ icons have been removed. Such as the Purple Bow and 2 Polearms. We are still not sure if they will be removed forever. Maybe the game won’t talk about it at the moment.

Btw, the purple bow looks very good on Fischl.

  1. I calculate that around the 18th. April we might have the Version 1.5 Official Special Program Preview. Let’s see what will we have then.

Anyways, good luck in-game, and have fun!


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