[Genshin News] Endora Event VS Ley Line, Is It Worth to Use Resin in Wishful Drops Event

[Genshin News] Endora Event VS Ley Line, Is It Worth to Use Resin in Wishful Drops Event - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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Hey Travelers. I’m Koenigin Yu. We have a new Wishful Drops Event now.

Many friends asked me if it is worth using our resin to get the rewards.

 So I have calculated some data here, hope it could be helpful for you.

If you use the normal resin to do this event, then it is worth.

The total EXP we can get from the Ley Lines is about equal to 11 to 13.5 Hero’s Wits (the Purple EXP Books).

However, If you do the Endora Event, you can get the EXP around 14.95 to 15.55 Hero’s Wits, and 5 more Friendship’s Exp.

I take the average to calculate, the Exp from Endora's Event is 1.24 times more than Ley Lines.

But we could lose some drops from the small monsters, such as small amount mora and level up materials.

If you want to collect some of the Wanderer’s Advice (The white Exp Book), Endroa’s event is a good choice. Sometimes we just lack 1000 experience when upgrading a character, so the Wanderer’s Advice is much more useful. But for the small monsters’ drops, we have to farm them ourselves.

By the way, here is my personal view of the Fragile Resin. It is better to save it to farm the Artifacts or the elemental bosses. Especially for the world Rank of fewer than 45 players, I suggest using the Fragile Resin for decent artifacts.

The pain in the Endora event is the time. Soloing always uses more than Co-Op mode.

Anyways, hope you have good luck and enjoy the game.


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