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Hey friends. I am here to list some new updates in Genshin Impact.

There will be 8 changes in version 1.5 and other coming patches too.

 I selected some useful information and translated them into English. I hope it could be helpful for previewing something new.

  1. Resin will be changed in Weekly Bosses. We will not use 60 Resin to get the rewords.
  2. Aiming Speed Function will be added in Mobiles: ① Add 3 new aiming speeds. Before 1-5; ② After 1-8. When aiming, the faster the mobile phone slides, the larger the viewing angle is.
  3. Can check the amount of the items which you want to craft.
  4. Set favorite(Star) Icon in Mail Box. So we do not worry about deleting the Love Letters accidentally from the NPCs. ❤
  5. Adding the Fighting Voices in the Characters Preview List. So we will know how do their fighting voices sound like even we don’t have these characters.
  6. The system will confirm again when we deleting a friend. To avoid deleting friends by mistake.
  7. The security verification of the accounts will be improved in future contents. To keep the accounts safe.
  8. Will repair some small bugs. Such as repair the Statue of the Seven could not recover the HP after re-login.

However, the Special Program for Non-Chinese Server Players:

version 1.5 will be officially released on April 16 at 11:00 AM (UTC-5).

We will have some primogems code in the Special Program.

If you don’t have time to watch it. Welcome to my channel and check it.

Thanks for watching~

Good luck in game and see you next time.


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