[News] Primogems in 1.5 for F2P and P2P - Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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According to the official news, I have calculated the Primogems which we will get form the game  for F2P, and P2P players in Version 1.5 here.

Hope it could be helpful for you to plan and use your primogems

The patch time of 1.5 will be last 42 days from April 28th to June 8th.

Way to get Primogems in Ver 1.5


  • F2P: About 11758 Primogems ≈ 73 times pulls
  • P2P (only Battle Pass): About 13878 Primogems ≈ 86 times pulls
  • P2P (Only Blessing Moon): About 16138 Primogems ≈ 100 times pulls
  • P2P (BP+BM): About 18258 Primogems ≈ 114 times pulls

They are only general calculations from the events in new patch 1.5. Maybe we will get more.

Anyways, good luck in the new patch and have fun.


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