Klee's weapon Dodoco Tales | Klee banner release date | 1.6 Leaks

Klee's weapon Dodoco Tales | Klee banner release date | 1.6 Leaks - Genshin Impact

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According to the leakers' news, the new 4-star catalyst will be called Dodoco Tales, which is a reference to Klee’s doll Dodoco. Klee's release date will be around June 9th.

Dodoco Tales Weapon Details:

Status: 4 star catalyst.

Obtain: Ludi Harpastum Event in 1.6.

The Ludi Harpastum festival will start on the same day and conclude on June 24.

Normal Attack hits on opponents increase charged attack DMG by 16% for 6.s Charged attack hits on opponents increase ATK by 8% for 6s.

Note: Description and Skill Name are not yet available. Subject to change.

  • Dodoco Tales' Weapon Story

[Beta 1.6] Note: Subject to change. 
TRANSLATED LORE x Unofficial Manual Translation from Chinese (not official) According to legends, there is a distant sea of mist. In the middle of this sea is an archipelago called the "Golden Apple Islands." The legends say that these islands are the home of the peaceful and lovely Dodo, who live a life free from the outside world. The Dodo are kind, but mischievous creatures. They love to tease and play with each other, so they are never bored or sad. They call each other "Dodoco!," which means "best friend!" Just as the seeds of the dandelion must leave the embrace of their stem and flutter in the wind, every "Dodoco" will one day ride the wind and waves to venture into the wider world, searching for a four-leaf clover. Why do they do this? Because after living on the Golden Apple Islands for a long time, the Dodoco cannot recognize each other — everyone is the exact same "Dodoco," so how could they tell "you" from "me"? Only the fiery-red four-leaf clover can teach them what a real "Dodoco" is, so that they can distinguish "you" from "me" and play freely with their companions. —At least, this is what the all-powerful mom said. Therefore, in order to understand what "Dodoco" is, they need to leave their close-by friends, and go to faraway places to make new friends to become their "Dodoco", their "best friend!" They can go see more scenery together, experiment with more interesting ideas, meet more companions... And finally, when they look back at themselves in the eyes of these companions, at a moment that no one can expect, that four-leafed clover will appear, spinning with brilliant sparks! 
So, when a furry Dodoco tumbles into the sea from the Golden Apple Islands, or suddenly leaps into the wind, and heads far far away, there is a lucky child who will meet their best friend. This precious little book was given by the world's freest mother to the world's luckiest daughter. It records the countless adventures that Dodoco experienced before meeting her, and what Dodoco hopes to experience after meeting her: an even greater adventure, full of sparks, treasures, and new companions! 

  • Klee's Banner Release Date in 1.6:

Around 09.June.2021, Klee's Banner will be released in version 1.6. It will last 3 weeks, to 30.June




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