Sudden Endless Battle Details 1.6 Event | 1.6 Leaks

Sudden Endless Battle Details 1.6 Event | 1.6 Leaks - Genshin Impact

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According to the Beta info, we will have some mini-games information in Version 1.6.

Here are some details of the mini-games. Sudden Endless Battle and the Kaboomball Kombat.

Event Overview

Fierce foes have appeared all over the archipelago!

Challenge them and defeat them within the time limit to collect points and unlock different levels of prizes. 


Reach Adventure Rank 20 to take part in the event. 

Rules 1

Points and Rewards Defeat opponents to accumulate the corresponding amount of points. The point multiplier will depend on the difficulty of the challenge selected. Different levels of rewards can be obtained at certain amounts of points based on the highest number of points gained within a stage. 

Rules 2

Momentum and Blessings Each challenge stage has its own special features that grant basic buffs. Defeat berserker opponents or use harpastums to destroy Momentum Discs to obtain Momentum. Once you have acquired enough Momentum, you will gain the corresponding Momentum Blessing, which will provide you with various additional buffs. 


The Momentum Disc will randomly descend on the field. Destroy it using harpastums within 15s to obtain a large amount of Momentum, failing which, the Disc will disappear. 

Mini-Game: Sudden Endless Battle

7 stages of timed challenges in the archipelago region, with 3 difficulty levels. Stack and maintain attack buffs by 1) killing berserker mobs and 2) using harpastum to hit Momentum Discs (image below). Discs spawn randomly and disappear in 15s if not hit.

Mini-Game: Kaboomball Kombat

Defeat pitching machines (aka Magical Fortress) by hitting and returning various balls they serve. Perfect returns deal additional damage to magical fortresses and break their shields. Can be played in co-op.



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