Windborne Martial Legend Event Overview Rewards Name Card | 1.6 Leaks

Windborne Martial Legend Event Overview Rewards Name Card | 1.6 Leaks - Genshin Impact

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According to the more Genshin 1.6 news, here are more details of the Windborne Martial Legend event.

Event Description

The gate to an unknown domain has opened, and within it awaits powerful, heretofore unseen foes. Enact your martial legend with the fearless spirit of one borne on the wind! 

Event Guidelines

Head to a newly-appeared Domain to challenge the never-before-seen bosses. Before you begin the challenge in earnest, you can choose the difficulty level and select certain Flairs to accumulate more points. A new challenge will unlock each day, starting with the first day of the event, until the seventh day, by which all the challenges will have been unlocked. The event will last for 16 days in total. Once the event ends, your accumulated points will be cleared, and you will be unable to claim any further rewards. 


Flairs are factors that can shift the difficulty of the entire challenge. They also affect the number of points that will be earned at the end of the challenge. Flairs consist of various buffs and negative effects that affect the challenge. Different Flairs will affect the challenge difficulty and the final score differently. When the challenge begins, you can select Flairs that suit your own pace. 

Accumulating Points and Rewards

Upon completion of the challenge, you will obtain points based on the difficulty of the challenge and the Flairs you chose. You can also collect a first-time completion reward the first time you clear a certain challenge. Upon accumulating specific amounts of points, you will be able to claim the corresponding quest rewards. 

More Details

- The event functions similarly to the Hypostasis Event.

- There are characters that have bonuses (we don't know which)

- 4 difficulty levels - 7 different stages

Event Name Cards Preview

Way to get: Finish the events and use the event items to exchange it.

Additional Name Card in 1.6 Housing System

Way to get: Unlock the housing 2nd Chapter.



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