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Today the official Twitter, FB, Weibo and other media show the official pictures of Yoimiya, Sayu, Ayaka. 

How's their look and what's their skill look like? Here I collect some information of them.


Anemo Healer - Sayu

According to the Beta Test, Sayu is an Anemo Healer.

  • Short Hold Elemental Skill will do a short Anemo DMG.
  • Long Hold E will be an Anemo Ball to do the continuing DMG.
  • Q (Elemental Burst) will summon a Panda Dharma to heal the team who are under 70% HP. If the HP more than 70%, then the Panda will do the DMG on enemies.

Pyro Bow Yoimiya

Yoimiya's Normal Attack is similar to the other Bow Characters. 

  • Long Holding and aiming do Pyro DMG.
  • E (Elemental Skill) makes the bow become a pyro speed shooting Gatling (Change the form of weapons like HuTao or Childer).
  • Q (Elemental Burst) can do pyro multi-range damage.

Cryo Sword Ayaka

Ayaka is the 5 stars Cryo Sword Character.

  • E emits ice, which can launch nearby opponents and deals Cryo DMG.
  • Q deals Cryo DMG over time to all enemies in its path.


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