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In genshin Impact. Inazuma Patch, travelers can plant the different types of plants in the house.

What's the meaning of planting the items in the field? Why I should plant in the house? What should I plant?

Today, I will discuss the advantages to you. Hope it could be helpful for some confused travelers.

Items that we can plant

Normal plants: carrot, raddish, mashroom, sweet flowers, etc.

Special plants: Violetgrass, Qingxin, Valberry, Silk flowers, Jueyun Chili, etc. 

The Benefit of Planting

  1. Saving time to find the plants; especially for finiding the character acsend plants, such as Qingxin or Violetgrass.
  2. Saving Mora to buy the items in shop by NPC. When we purchse the potatoes in the shop, it cost lots of Mora. However, mora is a little bit hard to get. 
  3. Make the house system completed. For a complete house system in game, we can plant the items if we want. I think this is also a game new update points for the normal players. Just come and plant some items, enjoy the life in the tea pot.
  4. Good for the decoration. 

Where we can use the plants

For some normal plants, we can use them for cooking or making the dyes ifor crafting the furnitures.

For the special plants, we can use them to ascend the characters level. 

Anyways, good luck travelers.



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