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This is a guide on all the ways to get 17 recipes in Inzuma 2.0

I have explained the details of how to get them in the video.

If you don't have time, please check the list:

  • The first 5 We can purchase from the NPC Shimura Kanbei in the opposite of Kaetheryn in Inazuma City.
  • Then we go back to the North, pass the Teleportwaypoint, to Kiminami Anna. After finishing the short quests We can buy another 3 from her.
  • Next, we go to Ritou teleport waypoint. Remember the Street food stall? But if we talked to this NPC directly, without finishing the letter quest, we can't buy anything here. Time to be a postman, deliver the letter and get a permit. Then we can buy the recipe from this NPC.
  • The 10th Recipe is from the quest between Ritou and Konda Village. It is a series of quests, and we have to start from there. After finishing this easy quest, we will get the recipe as the reword.
  • The next one is on the beach in the north of Kujou Encampment. Talk to the same 3 NPC again and finish the quest. They will give you the 11th recipe.
  • Teleport to the domain in the south of Musoujin Gorge. I suggest going to the west side. Take care of the monsters on the way. Jump to the secret area. Here I have unlocked this puzzle before. It's not that hard. Then we go up the stairs talk to these 3 guys again. Enjoy the quest and get the recipe.
  • Another one from the world quest is in じゃこつMine. Talk to the little boy Chouji. We can get the recipe in the middle of his quest.
  • From Ayaka's Story Quest we can obtain one free recipe: Sakura Mochi.
  • The last 3 we can get from the Bounty NPC in Kamisato Estate. Keep doing travelers and chefs. 

Hope you can get them all. Good luck🤗


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