Quick Summary of Genshin Impact 2.1 | What's in 2.1 | All You Kown Here in Genshin2.1

By KoeniginYU
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Hi, travelers. Here is a short summary of the Genshin Impact Special PV 2.1. Let's see what will happen in the future content.

  1. Raiden Shogun(5 Stars) and Kojou Sara(4 Stars) will come in the first banner, around Sep.01 to Sep.21. Kokomi(5 Stars) will come in the second half between Sep.21-Oct.12.
  2. New Weapons 
    Weapon Name Quality-Stars Type Obtain
    Englufing Lightning 5 Polearm Weapon Banner
    Predator Bow Aloy's weapon (free) Bow Event
    The Catch 4 Polearm Event
    Everlasting Moongglow 5 Catalyst Weapon Banner
    Luxurious Sea-Lord 4 Claymore Event

  3. New Character: Aloy(5 stars) and her weapon.
  4. Anniversary Event: The shop will be reset the double bonus of Genesis crystals. 10 Event Fates wishes and Mora, Chunks, Character Level Up Tickets.
  5. New Islands: Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island.
  6. New Bosses: Weekly boss: La Signora. Two new world bosses: Hydro Hypostasis, and Electro Oceanid.
  7. Fishing and put fish into Teaport house.
  8. Event Games: Hyakunin Ikki, Moonlight Merriment, Lunar Realm...
  9. Two extra events need Travelers to participate:




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