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Hello travelers, I am Koeni. Today I want to share the primogems calculation with you. Hope it could be helpful for the Free to Play and Pay to Play players. Now, let's see, how many primogems and fates we will get in 2.1.

Genshin Impact version 2.1 will be last 42 days from Sep 1st to Oct 12th.

We can get the primogems from:

  1. Daily Quests
  2. Exchange Shop
  3. Test Runs
  4. New story quests
  5. Primogems from events. CN Server has already shown the primogems numbers. I also twitched and translated it on that day.
  6. Since we will have two new islands. We could get some by exploring.  
  7. New Achievements.
  8. New version updates
  9. Spiral Abyss
  10. Daily Checkin
  11. Official Livestream
  12. Battle Pass
  13. Welkin Moon

These are my results of 2.1 Primogems calculations.
If you want to know how many primogems are in Raiden Shogun's banner. They could be half of them.

Good luck, travelers! See you next time.



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