BGM Raiden Shogun: Nightmare | Judgment of Euthymia | Music OST Soundtrack | Download

By KoeniginYU
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Hi, travelers. Today I want to share a BGM from Raiden Shogun. I remake it myself. Hope you enjoy it. 

You can use it everywhere such as streaming, voice acting, or playing loudly in front of your grandparents, pls leave the credit. 😉

For download links, pls join my discord to check more.

(KoeniginYu remix)

Composer: Yu-Peng Chen

Producer: Koenigin Yu

All composition material belongs to MIHOYO

Download Link

Here is the free download links of Raiden Shogun's Soundtracks, BGM, OST.

Type: WAV.

Nightmare: Download Raiden Shogun BGM Music 雷电将军角色PV——「噩梦」

Judgment of Euthymia | BGM OST Music Soundtrack 雷电将军:净土裁断 音乐下载