Thoma - Best Weapon

Thoma - Best Weapon - Genshin Impact

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Thoma is a four-star Pyro polearm character in Version 2.2 in Genshin Impact. 

His unique "stacked shield" skill is also very interesting. So what is Thoma's best weapon? Let's analyze and see.

Best Weapon for Thoma

His shield strength is based on his HP.

For choosing his weapon, we should focus on HP%.

Weapon Obtain Details
Black Tassel Wish Although it gives the HP for the weapon holder, it is still a 3 stars weapon. Thoma couldn't deal big DMG when he use this weapon.
Favonius Lance Wish Thoma's Elemental Burst consumes 80 energy points. This weapon could be a little bit helpful if he uses HP artifacts.
Kitain Cross Spear Craft Not too bad on Thoma. It could increase Thoma's elemental damage. If you put Raiden Shogun in the party, this weapon can help Thoma do more pyro damage.
Staff of Homa Wish The sub status can increase the HP. But this weapon only appears once. If it comes again in the future, it could be useful for Hutao, Zhongli and Thoma.


In conclusion, the best weapon for Thoma is the five stars "Staff of Homa". For the new players, they might not get this weapon. So the four-stars Favonius Lance is the best choice for Thoma.



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