Primogems Calculation in 2.2 | How many primos we can get in Version 2.2 | Genshin Impact

By KoeniginYU
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Welcome to watch the Primogems Calculation in Version 2.2.

I also list the primos amount in Childe and Hutao's banner in the end. Hope it could be helpful for you.
Version 2.2 will last for 42 days. Childe will come first, Hutao and Thoma will be in the 2nd half. 

The ways to get the Primogems in Genshin 2.2

  • Daily quests.
  • Exchange shop  
  • Test Runs
  • New story quests
  • Primogems in four events. The Ley Line event hasn't been counted here. Because it doesn't give us the primogems.
  • Exploring the Inazuma, we can get lots of primos from the sakura tree, statue of the seven, new teleport waypoints, new boss, new chests and puzzles,
  • In 2.2, we can unlock some new achievements. 
  • Webpage event
  • Daily Check-in
  • Livestream Announcement
  • Server Maintenance
  • Battle Pass
  • Welkin Moon